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SeeMore m7 Putter Review

SeeMore m7 PutterWhen Zach Johnson won the Colonial Invitational a few weeks ago, he yet again turned the spotlight on the SeeMore Putter Company and its RifleScope alignment system.

Indeed, wielding his trusty SeeMore FGP putter, Johnson needed just 26 putts in the final round to set the tournament record with a score of 21 under par.

But while Johnson has been printing money with one of the original SeeMore putters, the company has been busy expanding its mSeries and other lines, including the recent release of the SeeMore m7 putter ($325).

Does the m7 earn its rather lofty asking price? Following is PutterZone.com’s SeeMore m7 putter review.

The Storyline

The m7 belongs to SeeMore’s mSeries line, which was launched a little over three years ago with the m1, m2 and m3 putters, as well as the mFGP.

At the time, the mSeries heralded a new era for SeeMore. Under inspired new ownership, the venerable brand—which had fallen on hard times—roared back with a fresh commitment to quality, as evident in the milled mSeries putters.

Rather than simply try to blow a little wind in the sails of the SeeMore brand, the new owners, Jim Grundberg and Jason Pouliot, re-imagined and retooled SeeMore as a leader in the premium putter category.

Shortly thereafter, Zach Johnson won the Masters with his SeeMore FGP putter, and the new SeeMore Putter Company was more than ready for the ensuing attention. The brand hadn’t seen that much buzz since Payne Stewart won the U.S. Open with his own SeeMore FGP eight years earlier.

The mSeries putters are 100-percent milled in the U.S.A. The SeeMore m7 putter is milled from stainless steel, and it is the first mSeries putter to feature a softer milled aluminum face insert. A second aluminum insert in the rear cavity is designed to enhance the feel and enlarge the sweet spot. The m7 is joined by the m6, m8 and m9 as new entries in the mSeries.

As with all SeeMore putters, the m7 features the company’s signature RifleScope alignment system. A red dot on the rear crown of the putter is visually hidden by a blackened lower shaft when proper setup is achieved. Two parallel white lines frame the shaft to provide a further indication that the golfer is in position to make a consistent and reliable stroke.

When queried about the m7, Grundberg said, “The m7 is a tour-inspired option, keeping the best-selling m1 in mind. Having a cutaway heel and a soft aluminum insert allows for less rebound. Some players wanted a blend of the m1 and m2 along with slightly less rebound and softer feel. It simply extends and enhances the variety of offerings in the flagship mSeries, taking the best from both of those heads and combining them to make the m7.”

The m7 weighs 335 grams. It can be ordered from SeeMore in a wide variety of custom lengths and lie angles. It also comes with two shaft options—a straight shaft, and the offset “whistle” shaft. You also get your choice of one of seven head covers, and numerous grip options. The putter is almost fully toe down with the straight shaft, with a little less hang on the offset version.

The View from PutterZone.com
The m7’s general resemblance to SeeMore’s m1 was obvious right out of the box. The first thing I did was grab the m1 from the PutterZone.com vault and line the two putters up. Only then did the subtle enhancements stand out—the slightly smaller head, the cutaway on the heel, the softer bevels.

Happily, I was one of the first to write about the re-birth of SeeMore back in early 2007, and to publish a full-length review of the new m1 a few months later. At the time, I called the m1 a “masterwork,” and I can now say the same about the m7.

In the hyperactive consumer world of today, the pressure is on most golf companies to come out with a new UFO every six or 12 months, something they can shoot through the sky that will make you “ooh” and “ahh” and whip out your credit card.

In that context, it’s rather quaint of SeeMore to release a putter that is an iteration—and not reinvention—of its predecessors. I would compare the m7 to the evolution of the iPhone (which, like the mSeries, was also introduced in 2007). It’s an update that takes a fundamentally brilliant product line to the next level. When you have a better wheel, there’s no need to reinvent it.

I can’t say that the m7 feels noticeably softer than the earlier mSeries putters, despite the presence of the insert. However, I could say that the m7 is perhaps a bit more sensual and enveloping. And I can definitely say that the m7’s aluminum insert feels and sounds very native and not the least bit synthetic or incongruous.

Similarly, the insert looks native as well. If you didn’t know any better, you might mistake the insert as simply a brighter polish on the stainless steel. It is perfectly seamless with the surrounding face, and even boasts the same swirly milling pattern. Inserts rarely look this cool and unobtrusive.

What can I say about the RifleScope alignment system that I haven’t said already? Its timeless effectiveness lies in its simplicity. Once you get used to hiding the red dot, it becomes helpful part of your subconscious routine, and not a conscious intrusion.

At setup, the m7 is an elegant beauty with a stylish blend of crisp lines and gentle bevels. The face features the aforementioned milling pattern, as well as the brand name stamped in a whimsical and asymmetrical font. The stamping on the sole is limited to a few lines of specs—100% Milled, USA, 335g, m7—and a repeat of the RifleScope red dot and white lines from the crown.

The m7 does throw off some glare when it catches the sun at certain angles. It flashed me good a few times, but I can live with occasional glare on the m7 more than I can with a lesser putter.

There’s a problem that oddly seems to be getting worse, not better, in the premium putter category, and that is the inclusion of weak head covers that don’t match the quality or price point of the putter itself. Well, not with SeeMore. This is how it’s done, folks: quality materials, sweet embroidery, soft magnetic closure.

In other words, SeeMore is delivering on all fronts with the m7 and other mSeries putters.

The Bottom Line

The SeeMore m7 putter accentuates the earlier mSeries blades with a sleeker profile and a sweet aluminum insert while maintaining the line’s signature workmanship and RifleScope alignment system. The m7 putter is worth the splurge and ultimately confirms that SeeMore remains at the top of its game, producing distinctive putters that deliver superior quality and performance. SeeMore belongs in any conversation about the elite putter producers.

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