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Putter Buzz: Vijay, Tiger and Boccieri Golf

At PutterZone.com, we sometimes collect little tokens and tidbits that don’t necessarily merit a full story, so we toss them into a basket that we call Putter Buzz…

1. Why is Vijay Singh smiling? Perhaps it’s the Cleveland T-Frame mallet he’s got in his hand. Don’t you love it when a tour professional puts a $99 putter into play? Of course, on the bargain putter front, it would be hard to outdo the Cleveland Classic putter ($69), which Jerry Kelly used to win $1.1 million at the Zurich Classic last year.

2. Since the whole Tiger Woods putter drama at the British Open, there’s been a lot of talk about how the tail (the putter) doesn’t wag the dog (the golfer). Now comes a report in Slate Magazine that reveals the developing numbers behind Tiger’s putting woes: “In 2009, he was ranked first on tour in all putts less than 10 feet—he just doesn’t miss the short ones. While Tiger hasn’t taken enough putts in 2010 to break down his percentages by specific distances, his ranking has fallen to 129th on all putts less than 10 feet. The foundation of his great putting is in danger of eroding.”

As for the debate about the tail wagging the dog, we agree—to a point. Yes, the mechanics and skill of the golfer are going to largely determine the results. But to suggest that the golfer is going to putt exactly the same with one putter as any other is dubious. Offset or no offset, face balanced or not face balanced, lower loft or higher loft, bold alignment features or minimal alignment features…suddenly these things don’t matter? Putter fitting is just hocus-pocus? Not buying it.

3. Boccieri Golf, the makers of the Heavy Putter, recently launched a wedge line under the banner of Heavy Wedge, and now they are rolling out a “wedge a day” giveaway for 60 straight days. Better yet, you can throw your hat in the ring each day, increasing your odds. Out of the 60 winners, one lucky golfer will win a limited-edition Heavy Putter. Sounds like a cool promotion to us. Get the scoop at BoccieriGolf.com.

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