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Golf Pride Unveils New Rivalry Putter Grips

Golf Pride Rivalry Ryder Cup Putter GripWith the Ryder Cup approaching, Golf Pride is once again getting into the game with its V-RAD Rivalry putter grips ($7.99), allowing you to declare your allegiance to the U.S. or European team while stalking your local putting greens.

The U.S. grip features a swirling motif of the stars and stripes, while the other showcases the yellow stars and deep blue of the European flag.

Golf Pride’s VRAD Rivalry putter grips incorporate “advanced composite rubber” with a new texture and tackiness for “enhanced feel and durability.” They are made in a semi-pistol shape and come in a regular size (no oversize options at the moment).

On a related note, putter grips are something that many golfers don’t really think about. They just accept the grip provided by their putter’s manufacturer, even though it might not offer the best fit or feel for their hands. The good news is that the array of after-market grip choices has never been greater, with many companies offering a wide range of sizes and styles.

As for replacing an old grip with a new one, the easiest way is to find a local golf shop that can do the job. It usually takes just a few minutes, and the fee is typically nominal (especially if you buy the new grip from them).

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