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Mizuno MP & Line 90 Putters Set for Europe

Mizuno Line 90 PutterMizuno Golf today announced two new putter lines destined for the European market: the Mizuno MP T-Series putters and Mizuno Line 90 putters.

According to Mizuno, “The MP T-Series putters benefit from starting with a single 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel billet before being Grain Flow Forged into the final putter shape. The near finished head is then CNC Milled to ensure exact alignment and a flawless profile at address.”

The forging process on the MP putters evokes memories of the earlier Mizuno “Grain Flow Forged” putters by T.P. Mills.

It’s also interesting that they are calling them the MP T-Series, which is TPM (for T.P. Mills) backwards. Coincidence or conspiracy?

The Mizuno MP T-Series putters first surfaced in Japan a few months ago. The MP and Line 90 putters will be available in Europe starting in September. No word yet on a future U.S. launch, if any.

According to Mizuno, the Line 90 Series putters (pictured here) prioritize alignment and roll over the more elegant look of the MP T-Series: “Opposite to traditional putter alignment, the Line 90 system uses a sequence of lines placed parallel to the putter face…Human testing showed the Line 90 system to be easier for amateur golfers to visualise than traditional ‘straight-back’ alignment. The system also visually encourages acceleration through impact to keep the putter square to target.”

The Line 90 putters feature some very cool model names, such as Mauna Loa and Krakatoa. Mizuno has always done a fine job with its putters, particularly when teaming up with top designers such as T.P. Mills and Robert Bettinardi. Now they seem to be flying solo on the design front. Consider us intrigued and hopeful for a U. S. release.

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  1. I have to believe that MP-T being TPM backwards is a coincidence since MP-T is the same identifier for Mizuno's wedges.

    I wonder who designed these? They look pretty nice. They all seem to have an "iron" grove patern on the face. I'm assuming this is to impart forward spin like the Rife faces. Lots of different designs that all look pretty. I hope these come to the US.

    I found a forum with pics of all of the models: http://mizunoforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1378&start=20

  2. Yeah, sounds like a pure coincidence, but I've still got my tin foil hat on!

  3. P.S. Thanks for the link. I'd like to see the top view of the 90 putters, sounds like they have a unique alignment design.

  4. Any reason they're avoiding the US Market? Supply issues?

  5. Good question. My take is that Mizuno has always been careful/thoughtful when it comes to putters. They don't just crank stuff out to fill space. In the past, they've partnered with top designers, and haven't been afraid to take time off from the putter market in between. It bodes well for whatever they do eventually release in the U.S.

  6. TourSpecGolf has the MP series for sale… or at least something that looks very similar, but called MPCraft.


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