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seeitgolf App for iPad Review

Seeitgolf has taken its groundbreaking visualization training to the next level with its new interactive app for the iPhone and iPad.

You may recall that the original seeitgolf training video titled “Aaron Baddeley: Putting” earned rave reviews on PutterZone.com.

Now, with the new $10 app, you not only get the full original video, but also the opportunity to literally cut your own film to the music of your choice. That’s right, you can mix and match different putts from the Baddeley video and play them to Bach, AC/DC or whatever else gets your game going.

The available video excerpts include putts of varying lengths and breaks, with multiple views of each putt, including from the rear of the putter, the front of the putter and top of the putter. Creating your own movie is extremely easy—you just drag and arrange the chosen excerpts into a window, click a button to add music and suddenly you have your own motion picture featuring some of the most beautiful footage of putting ever captured.

The seeitgolf app also features audio visualization with leading short game instructor Stan Utley, whereby you can listen to the sound of the ball coming off the sweet spot of his putter and landing in the cup.

According to founder Danny Orr, the seeitgolf app is “a multi-sensory experience that literally balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain for optimal performance.” He says that the efficacy of the video was verified by leading performance researcher Dr. Debbie Crews: “Her research proved that by merely viewing it, golfers went from being neurologically imbalanced to balanced. This optimal performance state is more commonly known as ‘the zone.'”

While we can’t speak to the topic of brain chemistry, we will say that the seeitgolf video is truly inspirational, reinforcing positive imagery that can send you to the green brimming with confidence

We were ultimately blown away by the sheer beauty and innovation of the new seeitgolf app, particularly on the big screen of the iPad. We already loved the original Baddeley video, but being able to easily remix excerpts of the video to a personalized soundtrack is just wicked cool. Putting never looked—or sounded—so good.

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