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Miura Series 1957 Putter Preview

We are excited to announce that the Miura Series 1957 KM-005 putter is now in the review queue at PutterZone.com.

Our first impression is that this is a classy, confident putter with a lineage to match. Miura putters are designed by Katsuhiro Miura, who resides in Himeji, Japan, a city with a rich history of forged metal work, originally with samurai swords.

The KM-005 ($390) similarly boasts looks to kill, with a purposeful minimalism in the ornamentation department. This putter is forged and milled from stainless steel for “unmatched feel and precision.”

Stay tuned for the Miura KM-005 putter review on PutterZone.com

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