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The Fringe: Nike V-Rev Wedge Review

Watching someone like Phil Mickelson wield his wedges can be inspiring—and also depressing.

Have you watched his instructional video? It’s chock full of jolly-good advice on how to work potent wedge magic around the green, from lobs to flops and everything in between. But then he gives you a wink and hits the over-the-head shot that lands near the hole, and you think, “This dude’s messing with me.”

Which brings us to the high-lofted wedges that are all the rage these days, but that can leave the average recreational golfer feeling left out, like a kid pressing his or her nose to the glass of the candy store.

For many of us, staring down the barrel of a 60-degree wedge is unnerving. There is so much promise in that high loft—the promise of the ball arcing over the trap, falling out of the sky and sticking next to the hole—and yet so much peril if you don’t strike the ball perfectly, and if the bounce angle on your club isn’t ideally calibrated to your lie, be it tight or fluffy.

Enter the Nike Victory Red V-Rev conforming wedges, which aim to lower your blood pressure and your score by offering added relief on a wider variety of shots.

Nike V-Rev Wedge

Under The Hood
According to Nike Golf, “With the Dual Sole design, the heel and back of the sole are ground to allow for less friction on open-faced shots. 8620 carbon steel enhances feel and is 45 percent softer than 17-4 stainless steel, making it the material of choice for accomplished players. The VR grip by Lamkin has a soft, more sensitive rubber compound that lets you grip the club lighter, reducing forearm stress for a more effective swing.”

-New V-Rev groove design to conform to the new USGA / R&A rules
-Dual Sole design for versatility in multiple conditions
-Constructed from feel-enhancing 8620 carbon steel
-Victory Red grip by Lamkin
-$109 street price

Why It Rocks
While the Nike VR V-Rev wedges enjoy a strong presence on the professional circuits, they boast an “everyman” quality that works for the rest of us.

Simply put, the Dual Sole design works like a charm, making the wedge eminently playable. With this design, the aggressive grind along the heel and sole gives ample relief, so that you can confidently open the club face when needed without the heel grabbing the ground.

Additionally, when testing the 60-degree model with 6 degrees of bounce, we found it to be effective not only on tight lies, but fluffier lies as well. We have no explanation for this (perhaps it’s another benefit of the Dual Sole design?), but we’re not complaining. All we know is that this wedge has become a go-to club around here on chips and pitches because it just seems to roll with the proverbial punches.

Some golfers aren’t going to like the relatively thick hosel and brash graphics of the Nike V-Rev wedges, but Nike has never catered to traditionalism. Nike also earns style points for having no markings whatsoever on the sole of the club, giving it a cool vibe in the bag.

The Final Word
The Nike Victory Red V-Rev wedges live up to their promise of versatility, giving the average golfer more confidence to aim high around the green.

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  1. Nice review. I've been kicking the tires on these wedges and will probably try them out soon as the Vokey SM's are about shot.

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