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It’s Back: Odyssey Phil Mickelson PT 82 Putter

Earlier this year, Odyssey unveiled its limited-edition Phil Mickelson ProType PT 82 putter to commemorate Lefty’s third Masters victory.

Only 164 of the putters were made, so if you wanted one, you either acted really fast and ponied up $500, or you were, as the saying goes, SOL. The putters sold out in one day.

Well, fear not, Mickelson junkies, because Odyssey has gone back to the well with a new ProType 82 putter. Less than 3,000 of the new PT 82 putters were made, and the cost is $350.

As with the limited-edition ProType 82 putters, these “limited release” putters are “inspired by the putter Phil Mickelson used to win the 2010 Masters. The ProType82 features a sleek, blade-like design with a single sight-line running from the face to the back of the flange.”

There are, however, a few key differences. The earlier models were machined from carbon steel and featured Odyssey’s White Hot XG insert. The new models are cast from stainless steel and feature the White Ice insert. It also features a milled tungsten insert behind the face “to ensure precise weight and feel.” Also, the paintfill on the sole is red instead of green.

As just another gamer for your weekend golf, it’s hard to say that this putter is worth the investment. But for Mickelson fans who want a commemorative keepsake, or who simply want to mimic his putting style right down to the stick itself, it’s an intriguing item.

Odyssey Phil Mickelson PT82 putter
Odyssey Phil Mickelson ProType 82 Putter

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