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SeeMore Releases Si4 Putter

The SeeMore Putter Company announced today the release of its SeeMore Si4 putter, the latest addition to the Si Series that was launched earlier this year.

True to its name, the SeeMore Si4 putter is the fourth entry into the series. The “i” stands for the thermoplastic insert found in the face of each Si putter.

The Si4 is clearly inspired by SeeMore’s DB4 CS milled putter, which was the first putter to unite SeeMore’s RifleScope Technology (RST) with the classic Anser-style offset blade design.

This new “RST2” system was achieved by placing the signature red alignment marker and white lines on the top joint of the hosel. At setup, the blackened lower shaft visually hides the red marker and is framed by the white lines, communicating proper alignment and fostering a consistent setup.

Like the DB4, the Si4 is a black Anser-style blade with the RST2 alignment system. At $180, however, it is more affordable compared to the 100-percent milled DB4 at $295.

According to SeeMore, the thermoplastic face insert on the Si Series putters is designed to offer ” a softer feel and a slightly lower rebound characteristic preferred by some players.”

There was a time when we would have never expected an Anser-style putter from SeeMore, let alone an insert putter. But sometimes pigs do fly, and we see nothing wrong with SeeMore finding a way to meet the demands of the market while staying true to its signature RifleScope alignment system.

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  1. Howsabout a contest: How many "new" Anser putters will be introduced in 2011?

  2. Hah, good one! I suppose it all comes down to supply and demand, and it's hard to fault the manufacturers for that. Also, SeeMore has earned its cred with its other enduring one-of-a-kind designs.

    The Anser design does seem to have a death grip on the heel-toe blade category, with the Zing and softtail trailing by a mile.

    Then there's something like the DeLaCruz Sweet Slot B-2 that is a really pretty riff on the heel-toe weighted approach. It would be nice to see more designs like that, doesn't have to be crazy, but perhaps a bit more creative.

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