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Cool Golf Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

Here we are—exactly two weeks before Christmas, and most of us are still scrambling around, looking for the perfect gifts while trying to keep a lid on the credit card.

Well have no fear, because PutterZone.com has you covered with the following recommended affordable stocking stuffers for the golfer(s) in your life:

Rule 21 Towel ($12)
Our longtime favorite golf towel just got better, as the Rule Twentyone by Rule Golf (pictured above) has been enhanced with the addition of a quick-release clip. So now, in addition to stuffing the towel in your back pocket, you can also clip it to your belt or bag. This small portable towel is the ultimate choice for cleaning your ball or putter around the green. You simply moisten the soft interior of the towel prior to your round for easy cleaning. Meanwhile, the waterproof exterior protects your pants and keeps your hands dry. Pure genius, and a remarkable value at $12.

Golfdotz ($5.99 for 24 Dotz)
Golfdotz are another perennial PutterZone.com favorite. These ultra-cool, durable golf ball tattoos enable you to mark your ball in style. Natalie Gulbis, Rory Sabbatini and Bubba Watson are among the tour professionals who have embraced Golfdotz. Among the latest designs are an aces playing card, football helmet and pink martini glass. Applying Golfdotz is easy, and they can take a beating, too.

Forrrre! Card Game ($9.99)
This new card game is perfect for after-meal holiday revelry. You need to play it a few times to get the hang of the rules, but after that it’s quite easy and always entertaining. Sure, there’s some luck involved, but what makes it really fun is the opportunity to take your brother-in-law out with a timely “lightning strike” or sneaky gopher while enjoying the benefits of drawing the cart girl. Find it on Amazon.

Performance Golf Stats for iPhone (99 Cents)
You can’t stuff this item into a stocking (unless, that is, you plan on sticking an iPhone or iPod Touch into the stocking as well), but you can gift it to any iPhone or Touch user. This nifty app allows you to easily track your golf performance on an ongoing basis. Would you like to see your rate of birdies to bogeys? Want to track your average putts per hole? It’s all here. But this app is not just for stats geeks. For example, the “Rounds Played” tab simply tracks your rounds by course, date and score, enabling you to monitor your progress over any period of time. Best of all, this app costs less than a small cup of coffee at Starbucks.

SeeMore Poker Chip Ball Markers ($10 for Set of Five)
The SeeMore Putter Company—maker of some of the world’s finest putters—now offers a set of affordable branded poker chips to help you mark your spot on the green. These chips just feel great in the hands, and they look cool, too. Plus, they are just large enough to not get lost in your pocket. In other words, no emptying your pockets in search of that dime under the impatient glares of your partners.

Puttle ($15.95)
Puttle is an inventive game that combines the fun of bowling with the challenge of putting, enabling you to improve your stroke along the way. The Puttle kit includes a Dixon Earth golf ball, three small wooden pins and easy-to-follow rules, making it fun for the entire family.

Cleveland Classic Black Platinum Putters ($79)
The Cleveland Classic is now back in black with the new Black Platinum model. While the finish is new, the remarkable price tag remains the same. Simply put, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better putter for the price. You might also consider the Cleveland Classic BRZ putter ($89), which offers the same performance, but with a copper-infused insert and a stunning bronze finish.

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  1. great gift suggestions – thanks!

  2. Thanks for your feedback, always fun to get cool little golf gifts for others (and ourselves, too!).

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