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Exclusive: Peterson Fine Mill Liberty Putter

Peterson Fine Mill Liberty PutterOne of the most righteous-looking putters we’ve ever seen was officially unveiled today—the limited-edition Liberty putter by Peterson Fine Mill.

We actually got a sneak peek at this putter 11 months ago while touring the milling shop of proprietor Kevin Peterson in San Diego County. While Kevin is the picture of humility, he has actually been a major, if relatively anonymous, force in the high-end milled putter category for more than a decade, helping produce putters for several familiar brands.

Several years back Kevin had an idea for something new—a line of limited-edition, finely milled putters featuring custom artwork on the face. After coming up with the initial design and concept, it took him three years to perfect his vision and introduce his own line. His website was just launched this morning (PetersonFineMill.com) with his first piece, the Peterson Fine Mill Liberty putter.

As we saw with our own eyeballs back in January, the detail work on the Liberty putter is truly stunning, with artful renderings of Old Glory, the Statue of Liberty, the American bald eagle and the magnificent words of the U.S. Constitution: “We the people…”

But there’s also considerable substance to go along with the putter’s remarkable style. As Kevin states, “Our first goal was to make sure that we had the very best performance putter to use for the base of our artwork…Though our pieces are likely to be seen in a display case more often that the green, they would nonetheless rival any professional model being used today.”

So how can you buy a Liberty putter and what is the cost? Well, that remains to be seen. They’re not joking when they call it a “limited edition.” So for now, you’ll just have to contact Kevin through his web site.

Stay tuned to PutterZone.com for more details on the Peterson Liberty putter.

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  1. This putter looks awesome.

  2. Very true, Wendi. Amazing detail, and a real work of art.

  3. Very nice Sean. Can't wait to hear more about this company!

  4. Yeah, it's an amazing looking stick. I think they plan to keep it very small and limited. Definitely a great addition to the keepsake/heirloom category.

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