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Never Compromise Gambler Putter Interview

As reported recently by PutterZone.com, Never Compromise is poised to reinvent itself with the upcoming launch of its Gambler Limited putters—a set of four forged and milled ultra-premium putters that aim for “masterpiece” quality.

Toward that end, production and distribution of the new putters will be limited. Each putter will be marked with a unique serial number and a certificate of authenticity. Unprecedented customization and personalization options will also be offered. The base cost of the putters is $299 (stay tuned tomorrow for an exclusive overview of each model on PutterZone.com).

PutterZone.com was fortunate enough to get a sneak peek at the new Never Compromise putters, and we were really impressed with both their style and substance. Trust us, these putters aren’t just another sedate entry into the high-end putter market—they are a shot across the bow of the entire milled category.

The Gambler putters are nothing like Never Compromise’s earlier forays into the $250+ price range, such as the Exchange Series and Milled Series putters. Nor do they remotely resemble Never Compromise’s most recent line—the futuristic $149 NCX-RAY putters that reestablished Never Compromise’s retail relevance last year, but which also seemed to cause a bit of a brand identity crisis.

But the identity crisis is clearly over, and Never Compromise appears poised to not only to recapture its original mojo, but also to take the brand to unprecedented heights of quality and style.

PutterZone.com recently spoke with Adam Sheldon, the man and mind behind the creation of the Gambler Limited putters. Following is our exclusive interview:

The Never Compromise brand seems to be heading in a new direction—can you describe this direction and what inspired it?
We were inspired by the brand name itself—Never Compromise—to offer a product line in the high-end market. This direction gives golfers exactly what the name stands for, specifically a product that seeks perfection, and a product that does not compromise on quality. And our goal is simple: to make each putter a masterpiece.

What is the driving idea behind the Never Compromise Gambler putters?
Over the years, we have created thousands of putters for professional players all over the world. I have worked one-on-one with some of the best players refining shapes and sometimes making limited-quantity product for tour use only. I wanted to share some of that product with the consumer. With the new Gambler series, we will only manufacture a limited quantity of putters, but these putters will be made using the best materials and the best manufacturing processes available. The Gambler theme was a way for us to bring some fun, creativity and uniqueness to the market. Over the next few years you will see a number of ‘one-off’ limited artworks designed into the product so that every shape and every putter has its own unique attitude.

Who are these putters for?
These putters are for golfers of all levels who are looking for classic styles with a modern design. Next year we will launch a personalization section to our website which will allow customers to add their own personal touch to the product. Putters are personal and we want to give everyone the same freedom in design as the touring pros.

What sets them apart from other ultra-premium milled putters?
These putters have an attitude. They are modern in design but display craftsmanship and uniqueness. We have spared no expense. These putters hold some of the tightest tolerances in the industry. They are also machined from a forging which has been shaped to allow directional grain flow into the hosel, which gives these putters an unprecedented feel. Also, the putters will only be made in small quantities, which really separates us from the mass-produced products in the marketplace.

You forge the metal before milling it—can you explain this process in more detail, and what it brings to the putter in terms of feel and/or performance?
As we discussed earlier, we want to give the golfer his own masterpiece and this forging process produces greater consistency and quality in the metal. Forging is a metal forming process, which by applying a suitable compressive force, helps refine the grain structure and improve physical properties of the metal, which ultimately enhances feel. Once we create the forging, we CNC machine the shape within ½ of a thousand of an inch. To give you an example how small that is, it is 1/6 the thickness of a piece of paper. Once the part has been machined we hand polish it, refining the shape to give each putter beautiful lines at address. Afterwards, it’s off to paint fill where we hand paint all of the cosmetics and personalization.

How did the “Gambler” motif come about?
Through a lot of creative time over the course of the past year! We love sketching and creating new artwork. It’s a daily process here and the logo we chose really matched the theme of the series and gave the product an added touch of class.

What custom options are available, and how does the golfer go about ordering those options?
We will have a number of custom options for this product line, which will be a big part of our new website launch. You will see multiple grips, length, lie, paint fill and personalization options.

Thanks, Adam. Stay tuned tomorrow for an exclusive overview of each model in the Never Compromise Gambler Series putters.

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