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Heavy Putter Bronze and Tour Lines for 2011

Heavy Putter TourMore than three years ago, in an exclusive interview with PutterZone.com, Heavy Putter inventor Stephen Boccieri tipped his hand, saying, “I have developed new concepts that I believe will launch us deeper into the putter category. If that all works out, I will be developing a driver that I have had on the drawing board for a few years now that will rock the industry.”

Well, that day has come, as Boccieri Golf is set to release its inaugural driver, specifically the Heavy Driver, which joins the new Heavy Wood, Heavy Hybrid and Heavy Irons under the banner of the “Control Series.” These clubs were foreshadowed by the arrival of last year’s Heavy Wedge, Boccieri Golf’s first non-putter offering.

But Boccieri Golf is also staying true to its roots by extending its putter offerings for 2011. Four models in the Heavy Putter MID-WEIGHT line—the K4, H1, Q2 and L3—will be released as the Bronze Series ($119, available in February) with a black nickel finish. Meanwhile, the Q2 and the new R3 MID-WEIGHT putters will be offered as CNC-milled Tour line (R3 Tour pictured here).

The Heavy Driver also sounds intriguing: “Featuring a 460cc titanium head and incorporating revolutionary “Dimple Face Technology,” the Heavy Driver was developed to maximize the coefficient of restitution (COR) without decreasing durability. This allows better weight distribution throughout the head, which has slightly more mass than traditional offerings to maximize distance. The driver is available in 9 and 10 degree options with a variety of shaft flexes.”

What’s important to note about the Heavy Putter and the other Boccieri clubs is that they don’t just place more weight in the head. They also feature a counterweight in the grip end of the shaft, raising the balance point for added stability. According to Boccieri Golf, this enables the golfer to make a smoother, more consistent stroke (or swing) while maintaining firm control of the club.

Stay tuned for PutterZone.com’s Heavy Putter 2011 review.

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  1. I am a big fan of Heavy Putters. I have used them for several years. I switch out once in awhile with traditional putters, but I feel that the Heavy Putters give me a better feel for the greens in Texas.
    I also have the Heavy Wedges in my bag. My buddies noticed right away that I was swinging easier to get it out of the sand or the rough.
    I was looking forward to the driver and hybrids, but I noticed that they are only right-handed. I'm not.
    Oh well.

  2. Great to hear! Boccieri is a real innovator.

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