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New TaylorMade Classic 79 Putters

TaylorMade Classic 79 PutterTaylorMade is set to roll out a new line of affordable $99 putters for 2011: The TaylorMade Classic Est. 79 Putters. No word yet on a release date.

The new line includes familiar TaylorMade models and shapes, such as the Daytona, Fontana and Maranello. They feature a black finish, a 304 stainless steel head and a new “Pure Roll” insert made of surlyn. The name is a nod to the founding of TaylorMade Golf in 1979.

The new TaylorMade Classic 79 putters are the successors to the TaylorMade Core Classic line, and cost $20 less than the original price of the Core Classic putters. They also appear poised for a “classic” duel with the Cleveland Classic line, which has enjoyed smashing success in the under-$100 category.

Stay tuned at PutterZone.com for more information on the TaylorMade Classic 79 putter.

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  1. Any idea on headweights?

  2. 345-350g I believe…

  3. Tried out the TaylorMade TM-770 fontana EST 79 putter at the local pro shop, loved it bought it on the spot. I have had 15 diffrent putters over the past 3 years and ive finally found a winner. unlike the ghost series putters the black is ten times more appealing, elegant look and at half the price you cant go wrong. Ive never been a fan of the ghost series of anything. Marketing crap by Taylormade.

    The face is a touch softer than the old AGSI+ face insert of the old rossa series but has 10 times better feedback. absolutely love it. Would reccomend to anyone.

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