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Power Picks: Best Buy Putters for 2011

PutterZone.com’s 2011 Power Picks continue today with our selections for the category of Best Buy putters, following up on our selections for the Best Putters category.

Over the past year, PutterZone.com has tested and reviewed numerous putters. Our annual Power Picks recognize what we consider the “best of the best” of the putters we have reviewed, based on the factors of performance, craftsmanship, technology, innovation and aesthetics.

Our 2011 Best Buy putters category signifies those putters that offer the most bang for your putting buck heading into the new year:

Cleveland Classic BRZ Putters ($89) and Classic Black Platinum Putters ($79)
We might as well etch a permanent spot on this list for the Cleveland Classic line, as this is the third year in a row that it has earned “best buy” honors. The BRZ and Black Platinum putters are, in many ways, extensions of the originals from the previous two years, as they feature familiar model shapes and materials. But the BRZ versions step things up with a luxurious bronze finish along with a copper-infused insert, while the Black Platinum models feature a sleek midnight black finish. But one thing remains the same: The Cleveland Classic line is hard to beat for the price. Read the PutterZone.com review.

TaylorMade Daytona Ghost Putter ($129)
At $30 less than the original Corza Ghost mallet, the Daytona Ghost hits the retail sweet spot for blade enthusiasts who are drawn to the alignment features of the all-white Ghost finish. The unconventional look isn’t for everyone, but for those willing to venture beyond the bounds of tradition, the Daytona Ghost offers vivid alignment cues that can make a difference in consistently squaring the putter face to the target line. Read the PutterZone.com review.

SeeMore Si4 ($180)
The SeeMore Si4 brings SeeMore’s proven RifleScope alignment technology to the masses with a friendlier price and a new thermoplastic urethane insert for a softer feel. At first glance, a $180 putter doesn’t necessary seem like a “best buy.” But this isn’t just another “off the rack” putter. On the SeeMore web site, you get to choose your own length (down to the half inch) and lie angle, as well as your own grip and head cover among many stylish options. Now that’s what we call stretching your dollar. Stay tuned for the PutterZone.com review.


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