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The Nike Method Core Putter for 2011

Nike Method Core Putter

To say that Nike’s Method putters have been a hit would be an understatement. They notched two major victories in 2009 before they were even officially released, and one of them found their way into the bag of Tiger Woods toward the end of 2010—his first putter switch in more than 10 years.

At $250, however, the original Method putters remain out of reach for many golfers. But with the imminent release of the new Nike Method Core putters ($130), golfers now have a more affordable option for experiencing the Method’s “Polymetal Groove Technology” with a few new twists.

On the original Method putters, polymer is ported through the sole of the putter and extruded along the face to create the distinctive Method groove pattern. On the Method Core putters, however, the polymer grooves are encased in an aluminum insert. Also, whereas the original Method putters are precision milled from stainless steel, the Method Core putters are made of cast steel.

The grooves on the Method putters are designed to impart optimal launch angle in the absence of higher loft for smooth, controlled roll. In other words, Nike says that the ball is sufficiently lifted from its natural depression on the green to establish quick forward roll, but without being overly lofted onto the grass, which can cause skidding.

According to Nike: “We’ve found a way to create the desired launch angle with the stability and speed control of a skid-free roll.”

The Method Core line features three blades—the MC-1i, MC-2i, MC-3i—and two mallets, the MC-4i mid mallet and MC-5i full mallet. They will be available starting March 3 for $130.

Stay tuned for PutterZone.com’s Nike Method Core Putter review.

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  1. problem is – no adjustments available, rendering entire core range largely hopeless. Original methods, too soft. Casey has it right, but contrary to Stites comments online, no one can have Casey's option (a 001 with the firmer Core insert. Pity. Then they would be onto a winner.)

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