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Inside The Van: TaylorMade Tour Ghost Putters

TaylorMade Tour Ghost Putter

PutterZone.com today continues its series of stories from inside the tour vans and around the putting green at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.

Now on the tee: TaylorMade’s new Tour Ghost Putters.

In the TaylorMade Golf tour van, the energy was high. There, Shawn Mullin was kind enough take some time out to offer a peek at the new “Tour Ghost” putters, which take the TaylorMade Ghost line to new aesthetic heights with a contrasting black sole and a black “Pure Roll” insert, as well as a sleek new Ghost logo.

These new putters clearly signal a departure point for TaylorMade. The patented Pure Roll titallium insert replaces the company’s familiar AGSI+ insert, and the extraneous moniker “Rossa” has been dropped as the unifying banner for TaylorMade’s putter offerings. It’s a leaner and meaner branding approach that should only accelerate TaylorMade’s fast-growing presence in the putter category.

TaylorMade's Shawn Mullin

According to Mullin, the Pure Roll insert enables TaylorMade to offer the compatible dual benefits of sufficient launch off the grass with quick forward roll that minimizes backspin. The result is a “pure roll” that remains more impervious to imperfections on the green, and thus more consistent in matters of directional accuracy and distance control.

Mullin cited the example of PGA Tour professional Pat Perez, whose new Ghost putter features a full 4.5 degrees of loft (4 degrees is standard on the Ghost putters), and whose caddie raved about the purity of the roll off the face. “You get less skidding and wobble, which enables the ball to stay truer to the line,” Mullin says.
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    I have seen the top of this putter many times but now seeing it from the bottom brings it way up on my list of best looking putters!

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