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The Fringe: Vokey Custom Wedges

If you think about it, the wedge is really the spiritual cousin of the putter. Indeed, while the putter still reigns supreme when it comes to artisan brand names and overall “geek out” appeal, the wedge is the next closest thing.

For evidence, look no further than Bob Vokey, Titleist’s master wedge craftsman. Similar to putter designers such as Robert Bettinardi and Scotty Cameron, Vokey’s name turns heads and opens wallets on brand equity alone. And like many of the famous putter designers such as Karsten Solheim and T.P. Mills, Vokey’s clubmaking career began in the family garage, where he worked with his father—a tool and die maker who also loved to tinker with golf clubs.

But while we’ve always been an admirer of Vokey’s standard retail offerings, nothing prepared us for the sheer beauty of the Vokey Custom Wedges shared with us by our friends at Golfland Warehouse (disclosure: GolflandWarehouse is a retail affiliate of PutterZone.com).

While these wedges are doled out on a very limited basis, Golfland Warehouse proprietor Nick Taylor has managed to work the back channels to accrue a rather impressive stash. He recently climbed a ladder in the back of his shop, returning to the ground with an armful of beautifully rendered Vokey custom boxes in which the wedges are packaged.

Vokey Custom Wedge

One that really caught our eye Indigo Blue Limited Edition V-60 wedge ($349), of which only 200 were produced. Each wedge has some hue variation, so no two are alike. They say that the finish will wear with use, and while some folks might be inclined to keep it on the wall as a collectible, what’s the fun in that?

Another looker is the Black Ion Limited Edition V-60 wedge ($349), with distinctive narrow forward bounce surface and black nickel KBS Tour shaft, as well as pre-2010 Spin Milled grooves. Only 250 were produced.

Anyhow, our first love will always be putters, but the Vokey Custom Wedges—along with some of the limited wedges by Scratch Golf and others—are proving that the flatstick isn’t the only club that can double as a work of art.

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