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The Fringe: Two Rockin’ Golf Towels

Okay, so we’re somewhat obsessive-compulsive here at PutterZone.com when it comes to caring for our putters.

Indeed, we practically break out in hives when we see an uncovered putter in a golf bag, banging against the other clubs in the back of a golf cart.

Similarly, we are fanatical about keeping our putters clean and dry, which isn’t always easy during these muddy winter months. Thankfully, we’ve discovered two golf towels that really stand out from the crowd and do the dirty work well—the updated RuleTwentyOne pocket towel and the ClubGlove microfiber caddy towel.

Club Glove Microfiber Caddy Towel ($19.99)

Let’s start with the Club Glove towel. With its microfiber construction and waffle texture, it feels luxurious enough to be mistaken for a baby’s bath towel. But when we put it to the test on the course, it proved to be tough enough to handle a full round’s worth of grit and grime.

The Club Glove microfiber caddy towel is also large (17 x 40 inches) and super absorbent (holds up to 300% of its weight in water), so unless you dunk the thing in a pond or subject it to a rainstorm, you’ll always find a spot to dry off your putter or other clubs.

The Club Glove towel doesn’t clip onto your bag. Rather, it hangs over any club in your bag via an elongated center slit. Essentially, this is the kind of big-boy towel that you see on tour, hence the moniker “caddy towel.”

RuleTwentyOne Pocket Towel ($12)

While the ClubGlove towel is perfect for your bag, The RuleTwentyOne pocket towel by RuleGolf is ingenious around the green.

The latest iteration of the RuleTwentyOne towel features a convenient quick-release pants clip (you can also just stuff it in your back pocket). The soft interior of the towel can be moistened for easier cleaning, while the waterproof outer shell keeps your pants dry.

This towel makes cleaning your ball and your putter a breeze while you’re stalking your next putt. It’s unobtrusive yet always at the ready, which is exactly what you want around the green.

The Bottom Line

Are you still using a cheap logo towel that you purchased at your local pro shop? If so, it’s time to step it up. You’ve earned it, and your clubs deserve better.

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