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Tiger Woods’ New Putting Stroke?

In a recent story, we addressed Tiger Woods’ musical putters, and how his switching back and forth between sticks is a sign that he’s not only working on changing his full swing under instructor Sean Foley, but also perhaps his putting stroke.

Now we have found quotes that confirm our suspicions. In interview transcripts from the recent WGC-Cadillac Championship, Woods says, “I have to change everything. It’s the whole release pattern…how I release the putter, how I release the short game, how I release irons, drivers, they are all related. You just can’t have one swing and not have another; they are all interrelated.”

He added, “You want to have the same type of swing with the putter all the way up to the driver. It’s the same motion just smaller.”

Not coincidentally from a putter fitting perspective, Woods has been toggling between his trusty Scotty Cameron Newport putter and a new Nike Method 003. The latter putter is a toe-down, heel-shafted mallet that will naturally exert more rotational force.

Late last year, when he first put the Method 003 into play, Woods said that the putter helped him release the head through the ball.

We’re not ready to declare that Tiger Woods has a totally new putting stroke, but he is clearly making some significant adjustments to synchronize it with his full-swing modifications—all of which probably explains his recent toggling between putters with different performance attributes.

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  1. One more change and I'll officially declare that Tiger will never come back.

  2. It's going to get interesting really soon with Bay Hill and the Masters!

  3. Tiger is making as many changes as Michael Jackson. Like Michael, we we even recognize Tiger when he's through? The one swing I always loved and would always play my best at was Freddie Couples. When I spent time of the range trying to emulate that swing, I would take serious strokes off my game. Miss seeing Freddie play. *sniff

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