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The Return of Yes! Putters

Yes Christina Putter

Well, that didn’t take long. After acquiring the struggling Yes! Golf brand and its related assets in January, Adams Golf is this week introducing its first Yes! putters to the retail market.

As expected, the putters feature the signature C-Groove technology that has always been the calling card of Yes! putters.

At PutterZone.com, we are excited to see Yes! putters get a second chance. With the contraction of several putter brands in recent years, the diversity of the retail putter market has suffered. The return of Yes! Golf is a positive sign for the industry and for golfers who want more options, not less.

Another good sign is that Adams Golf has retained Yes! Golf’s Blair Philip as its director of product development for putters, indicating that the company is serious about nurturing the Yes! brand’s roots while exploring new ideas and innovations. Philip recently made the move from Colorado to Texas, where Adams Golf is headquartered.

In an exclusive interview with PutterZone.com, Philip said, “The technology itself will remain the same for this year but, since there is a very large, incredibly capable and innovative research and development department here in Plano, any and all options are being examined to make the effect of our C-Grooves even better. The mandate is to develop and innovate based on real performance data. In other words, a new technological enhancement to the grooves will be added if, and only if, there is a measurable benefit.”

This week’s re-launch of Yes! Golf features eight models, three of which are new to the U.S. market:

Yes! Ann putter – The Ann putter is a cavity-back blade that is based on the familiar Yes! Callie shape, but with softer, rounder lines.

Yes! Christina putter (pictured above) – The Christina is a face-balanced blade based on the bestselling Yes! Tracy putter that notched victories at the 2001 and 2004 U.S. Open Championships.

Yes! Pink Laura putter – The Laura is a mini mallet that is based on the original Marilyn model.

The C-Grooves are said to “enhance over-rolling motion to influence the ball to roll on one axis, thereby eliminating significant amounts of side spin.” Philip also noted that the putters “are a little different in that the draft of the sole is adjusted to allow the face to sit squarely at address for the large majority of players. There is a specific draft or ‘negative bounce’ that allows the putter to sit with the correct face alignment. Our putters going forward will have this same feature.”

Still, these newest releases seem like baby steps, which is understandable since Adams Golf has only owned the Yes! brand for a little more than three months. Indeed, Philip confirmed that there’s much more to come in the year ahead.

“Chip Brewer (Adams Golf CEO) has authorized a putting lab to be built here at Adams that is dedicated to proving out the theories that are generated by our R&D team,” Philip said. “The actual lab will be functioning very shortly. Presently we are using a smaller testing area to do research. This lab resource is particularly exciting as it allows us to make use of some of the greatest putting diagnostic equipment available to make Yes! putters even better. The products must perform!”

Philip confirmed that Yes! will release eight to 12 brand-new models in time for the PGA Merchandise Show next January. On that note, we would like to extend a hearty “welcome back” to Yes! Golf, and we look forward to what’s next from Plano, Texas.

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