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Putter Scores Hole-in-One

Life is just different in Florida. The sunshine and citrus. The alligators. The guy hitting a hole-in-one with his putter…

Yes, you heard right. We’ll let the man behind the amazing ace explain:

“We were playing in a Winifred Men’s Club outing,” Bill Whitney told the Villages Daily Sun. “We had one hole where you had to play the entire hole with your driver, one hole where you had to putt with a baseball bat and another hole where you had to putt with croquet mallet.”

What, no shuffleboard cue? Anyhow, you can see where this is headed.

On a 75-yard par 3 at The Villages Golf Course, Whitney teed off with his flatstick.

He said, “It stayed in the air for about 25 or 30 yards and then started rolling. I was just hoping that it was going to get close to the green. But it kept rolling, rolling and rolling. And it eventually rolled all the way into the hole. We could watch it all the way. It barely got there. It didn’t even hit the flagstick. It rolled up to the front edge of the hole and fell in.”

Simply put, Mr. Whitney is a beast. A 75-yard one-putt? Bravo. Well played.

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