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The Fringe: Fairway & Greene Tech Collection Review

Cutting-edge technology is everywhere in golf. It’s in our clubs, balls, shoes and even our shirts. Do you want to look and feel cool on a hot day? Hey, there’s a technology for that!

The challenge with a lot of today’s high-performance attire, however, is that it requires you to look like a performer. You know, the severe athletic cuts, short-short sleeves and ultra-trim shoulders…

Which is all fine and dandy if you have the physique of Camilo Villegas or Tiger Woods (or Natalie Gulbis). But what about the rest of us? You know, 99 percent of the population?

Enter the Tech Collection by Fairway & Greene, which aims to deliver the technological goods without video-game aesthetics.

Under The Hood

“Inspired by the elegance and sophistication of the classic clothing worn by the well dressed players of earlier times. Fairway & Greene has recovered the pure finish fabrics of that time and tailored each to the exacting demands of your swing…The ultimate warm weather shirt. Our proprietary fabrics and knitting process produces an ultra-fine 100% Luxury Polyester shirt that is at the cutting edge of moisture management, hi-speed wicking, anti-microbial technology, UV protection, odor control, and most importantly ease of care. Fairway & Greene Tech features a trimmer silhouette in an expanded range of solids and classic stripes to complement the seasonal color palettes.”

-Solid performance polo with moisture wicking performance is 100% polyester pique
-Fabric has a soft, silky feel
-Lightweight fabric dries quickly for added comfort
-Anti-microbial odor control
-UV sun protection
-Multi-directional stretch fabric allows golfers full freedom to swing
-Fine gauge ribbed collar with a fully taped neck seam
-Short open hem sleeves
-Longer back hem with vented sides
-$69 to $85

Why It Rocks

The Tech Collection shirts are sharply cut without cutting things too sharply, if you get our drift. They aren’t overly roomy, but neither are they going to make you look like, well, Phil Mickelson wearing a “smedium.”

These shirts achieve a stylistic balance as well. On a younger golfer, they look classic. On an older golfer, they look dignified. There are no desperate attempts to appear too youthful—but the styling is nevertheless timeless and therefore sufficiently hip.

Oh yeah, and they feel great, too. This isn’t your grandfather’s polyester. It’s smooth and silky, and it feels like a cool breeze on a warm summer day.

The Final Word
The Tech Collection shirts split the proverbial fairway, combining advanced performance with mature, classic style.

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