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Bettinardi Studio Stock Putter Review

Bettinardi Studio Stock Putter

Designer Robert Bettinardi belongs in any conversation about the world’s elite putter designers, and his latest line of Studio Stock putters aims to broaden the golfer’s access to some of his finest works.
Indeed, while the Studio Stock putters were previously only available at Bettinardi’s own fitting studio or through the Bettinardi web site, but the new 2011 models have been released for sale via select retailers.
The 2011 Studio Stock putters are precision milled in the U.S.A. from what Bettinardi calls a fusion of soft carbon steel and “special ingredients” for enhanced feel. But perhaps the real calling card of the new line is the exquisite “Borealis Black” finish, which boasts a luxurious rainbow-like quality when the light hits it just right.
Each Studio Stock putter features Bettinardi’s patented F.I.T. face (for Feel Impact Technology), whereby grooves are milled into the face of the putter to reduce the surface contact area for a softer sensation at impact. The head weight of the Studio Stock putters is 345 grams, and the length, loft and lie angle are customizable. Such putter fitting options are boon to the golfer who seeks a precise fit for better results.
The 2011 models are:
Bettinardi Studio Stock #5 putter: An Anser-style blade with a longer hosel for less toe hang, to accommodate a wider range of putting strokes.
Bettinardi Studio Stock #6 putter: A traditional heel-shafted, three-quarter toe hang blade that foregoes alignment markers for a clean, classic look.
Bettinardi Studio Stock #7 putter (pictured above): A half-moon mallet putter with a semi-circle cutout in the flange, originating from a Bettinardi tour prototype.
Bettinardi Studio Stock #5 putter: A snub-nosed blade with a raised toe profile and heel-toe weighting.
Do the new Bettinardi Studio Stock putters deliver on their rather hefty $375 price tag? Tune into the following Bettinardi Studio Stock putter review by PutterZone.com, in conjunction with our friends at GolflandWarehouse.com.

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  1. Great Review… Enjoyed it .That is a very nice looking Putter. It screams QUALITY….Look forward to more reviews

  2. Thanks, William! You're right about it screaming quality. The finish alone is going to open a lot of wallets, but the feel is what seals the deal for me!

  3. Thanks to share this reviews. I really appreciated.

  4. do you know the price range?

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