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Make Your Own Belly Putter

Are you intrigued by the recent success of the belly putter on the professional circuits, and ready to try one yourself?

Well, you can build your own. No, not from scratch, but rather with the “Belly Putt” conversion kit ($39), which turns your existing putter into a belly putter. The kit includes the Belly Putt shaft extender and grip, as well as the tools you need to make the conversion.

According to the company, the kit is easy to install and easy to remove, and readily adjustable in length. It sounds like a fine way to experiment with the belly putter without making a huge investment.

Before you turn your regular putter into a belly putter, however, you should be advised that a proper fit is still paramount. Lengthening your existing putter will alter its swingweight. Also, dialing in the proper length will still be essential for making a consistent and effective stroke.

Here at PutterZone.com, long putters have hogged the sudden spotlight, notching three consecutive victories on the PGA Tour. We write about the world of putters, and the long putter is the hottest story, bar none, at this moment.

Quite frankly, it has been hilarious to read the volleys from proponents and critics of the long putter. Perhaps the most colorful anti-long putter rant came from John Huggan at CBS Sports: “Those things have no place in golf because they allow players to hole putts without making a proper stroke. In fact, I hate them. I bet there are blazers on both sides of the Atlantic ruing the day they allowed those grotesque implements through the screening program.”

Well, not only are these “grotesque implements” here to stay, they are on the rise like never before. So the question is: Are you ready to convert and commit to a belly or broomhandle putter?


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