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PING Precision Milled Anser Putters

Following up on the launch of its innovative iPING putter app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, PING is set to release a new line of milled putters exclusively dedicated to its iconic model, the Anser.

The PING Precision Milled Anser line consists of six models, each with varying degrees of balance that can be matched to the golfer’s stroke type, as indicated by colored shaft bands.

The model with the blue shaft band (Anser 5) is designated for players to employ a straight-back-straight-through putting stroke (0 to 3 degrees of face rotation). The putters with a green shaft band (Anser 1, Anser 2 and Anser 3) are for golfers with a slight arcing stroke (3.5 to 7.5 degrees of face rotation), while those with a red shaft band (Anser 6 and Anser 4) are recommended for golfers with a strong arcing stroke (7.5 or more degrees of face rotation).

The corresponding iPING app can help the golfer determine his or her average face rotation. Click here for PutterZone.com’s review of the app.

PING is to be commended for demystifying club balance as a fundamental aspect of putter fitting. The concept of matching a putter’s balance to the golfer’s stroke type is nothing new, but typically involves jargon such as “face balanced” and “toe hang.” By simply color coding its putters, PING is leaving the jargon behind and bringing putter fitting further into the mainstream.

The varying degrees of balance in the new Anser putters are achieved by employing a variety of hosel types and hosel lengths. Historically, the Anser featured a plumber’s neck offset hosel, but the new line breaks the mold (see photo above for example). This enables PING to offer different Anser models to fit a range of stroke types. (if you want to learn more about putter fitting and how you can get fit for better results, check out PutterZone.com’s acclaimed new guide, Putter Perfection).

Look for the new PING Precision Milled Anser putters to be released on August 11. PING is also expanding its Scottsdale line with several new models, all of which will be similarly color coded to match the golfer’s stroke type.

A stand-alone mallet, the PING Sydney putter, joins the new wave of PING putters as well. The Sydney is crafted from high-grade aluminum and features a distinctive red alignment aid.

Stay tuned at PutterZone.com for updates and reviews on the latest PING putters.

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