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Coming Attraction: MxV1 Putter

An exotic new putter is poised to turn a few heads and, according to its creators, sink more putts.

The MxV1 putter by MxV Golf features a ball-shaped Center Strike Technology face that is designed to provide truer roll and improved accuracy.

Says MxV Golf’s Brian Wittman, “By essentially striking a ball with another ball, you almost can’t miss the center of gravity. The radius of our putter face is exactly that of a standard golf ball, and even with a minor tolerance we have found more accurate strikes and optimal roll, time after time.”

According to Wittman, the concept was inspired by “Newton’s Cradle,” a popular desk toy that demonstrates conservation of momentum and energy via a series of swinging spheres.

The MxV1 features a 400-gram milled brass head with a black finish. It will be available in both center and offset shaft configurations, and will begin shipping in mid December.

Stay tuned for a PutterZone.com interview with Wittman, to be followed by a MxV1 putter review.

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  1. Well… if nothing else it's a vast improvement over the ridge that Utopia Golf tried. I'd like to hear how easy alignment is with those microscopic hash marks.

    $250 for a lump of brass is probably pushing it a little.

  2. The ridge on the Utopia putter was somewhat puzzling, because it seemed to have no margin for error in the vertical position of the putter face at impact.

    This putter looks pretty forgiving on that front. Looking forward to checking it out.

  3. san francisco practice putting green

    Really intrigued and ready to try it out.

  4. I need all the help I can get out here on the coarse, so if I can shave a few strokes off my game then I'm in. Where can I get mine?? Now!!!!

  5. Looks amazing to me. Have not seen anything like it. I have read it takes at least 8 hours per head to fabricate. Looking forward to trying it!

  6. Love the look of the thing, design concept is cool and kind of logical. Done with old school putters so going to give this one a try!!

  7. Got a chance to try it. Found it very well balanced and the ball strike was quite forgiving.

  8. Wow! That putter looks awesome! I wonder how rich the guy who invented it is going to be…

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