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Heavy Putter Q2-MT Review

While Boccieri Golf now produces everything from drivers to wedges, the company’s origins are rooted in the Heavy Putter, the brainchild of inventor Stephen Boccieri.

Today, after more than five years on the market, the Heavy Putter is still going strong, with newer Lite-Weight and Mid-Weight options adding diversity to the portfolio. And one of these newer offerings is the Heavy Putter Mid-Weight Q2-MT blade, a 100-percent milled “Tour” edition.Does the Q2-MT raise the bar for the Heavy Putter? Following is PutterZone.com’s Heavy Putter Q2-MT review.

The Storyline

The Q2-MT is a heel-toe weighted blade that belongs to the Heavy Putter Mid-Weight series. The Mid-Weight putters weigh 775 grams total, or around 250+ grams heavier than conventional putters.Not all of that total weight is concentrated in the putter head, however.

As with all Heavy Putters, the Q2-MT includes a counterweight in the butt end of the grip, which raises the balance point of the putter for added control.According to Stephen Boccieri, “The Heavy Putter’s greater total weight engages the golfer’s larger and more stable muscles, while the higher balance point disengages the golfer’s hands, promoting a smoother, more consistent pendulum stroke. Lighter putters that have a lower balance point tend to cause the golfer to have more wrist breakdown.”

The standard loft of the Q2-MT is three degrees, and the lie angle is 70 degrees. The head is precision milled from stainless steel. The putter comes with a newly developed Winn mid-size grip featuring a V17 Super Soft compound with a cord base material which, according to the company, “produces an extremely tacky but firm feel, preferred by better golfers.”The Heavy Putter has become part of a larger vision for Boccieri, who has developed an entire bag’s worth of counter-weighted clubs under the Control Series banner.

Four years ago, in an interview with PutterZone.com, Boccieri hinted at what was to come: “I will be developing a driver that I have had on the drawing board for a few years now that will rock the industry.” Indeed, the Heavy Driver was met with rave reviews after being unveiled at the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show in Januar.

The View from PutterZone.com

The evolution of the Heavy Putter over the past five years has been dramatic and fun to watch. The original Heavy Putters were totally out of the box, weighing upwards of 900 grams and boasting some excitingly original designs. I still have a soft spot for those original Heavy Putters, particularly the A1-M blade that’s still in the PutterZone.com library.

Over time, the Heavy Putter shapes have become more traditional, and the weights are trending lighter. Some may miss the countercultural ambiance of the original Heavy Putters, but there’s no doubt that the current offerings will appeal to a wider audience. And if the goal is to get more Heavy Putters into bags to help more golfers and generate enhanced sales, then the company can’t be faulted for making a stronger pitch to the mainstream market.

Into this picture steps the Q2-MT, with its classic Anser-style shaping, thin topline, crisp silver finish and brightly polished sole and bumpers. It’s a handsome stick, with soft, elegant cornering along the flange and a confident look at setup. The white grip is snazzy, too. If you’ve ever dreamed of a putter that combines the Heavy Putter technology with a traditional high-end ambiance, this is it.The feel of the putter is distinctive, sending a chunky pop to the ears but not a lot of fine sensation to the hands. There’s bound to be some tradeoff in feel when you add weight to the head and upper shaft for a higher purpose. If you’re buying this putter for feel, then you may be barking up the wrong tree. But if you’re buying it because your stroke is wristy or otherwise ragged, then you may be onto something.

Some golfers have said that they struggle with distance control when using a Heavy Putter, but I haven’t detected any difficulties on that front. I’m not saying I’m a fantastic putter who’s a master of distance control. I’m saying that I don’t sense any variance in my typical distance control abilities when it comes to using the Heavy Putter compared to a regular one. The counterweight works as advertised, allowing for smooth control over the heavier head.After spending time with various Heavy Putters over the years, I am convinced that the technology has merit.

The Heavy Putter has enjoyed success on the professional circuits, proving that it can compete at the highest levels of golf.At the end of the day, some golfers probably won’t feel totally comfortable with the weightiness, while others will find that it brings smoothness and consistency to their stroke. Putting is personal, and the Heavy Putter is no exception.

The Bottom Line

The Heavy Putter hits its stride with the Mid-Weight Q2-MT blade, enrolling the signature Heavy Putter technology into a sleek, high-end package. Golfers who struggle with the yips or stroke consistency may find that the Heavy Putter is just what the putting doctor ordered.

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  1. Great writeup! I have this putter (regular version) in the bag and I love it.

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