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The Fairway Buzz: Mini Golf and Rough Review

Rough review for new golf movie: “Seven Days in Utopia is not so horrible in that you’ll hate yourself for watching it…it’s actually too soft and harmless to warrant any kind of emotional response.” Examiner

A unique new miniature golf course pops up in Minnesota: “He wanted it to be low-maintenance and to be one-of-a-kind. He calls the finished product a simple, rational construction. ‘I think if someone gets angry and bends a putter over the wall, the wall can take it.’” Star Tribune

Meanwhile, a pioneer of miniature golf has passed away at 87. “He and his brother took what might have been a passing craze…and helped establish miniature golf as a fixture in American recreational life.” Washington Post

A former Senior Amateur champion thinks the belly putter should be banned. “I wish the USGA had the guts to outlaw them…We shouldn’t be able to putt with anything attached to our bodies.” Palm Beach Post

Putter of The Day: The TaylorMade Corza Ghost is the pick today, in honor of Justin Rose using it to win the BMW Championship over the weekend. The white finish of the Corza Ghost provides ample visual contrast to help the golfer achieve improved alignment, while the larger mallet head instills confidence.

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