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The New Cleveland “Almost Belly” Putter

Cleveland Almost Belly Putter

Cleveland Golf is once again aiming to offer the biggest bang for your putter buck, and this time they’re doing it with the $129 “Almost Belly” putter.

The new Cleveland Classic Almost Belly putter is a 39-inch heel-toe weighted blade in a “black pearl” finish.

So did Cleveland just jam a longer shaft onto the familiar Classic blade for a quick re-positioning to leverage the belly putter market? Nope. The Almost Belly features a heavier 400-gram head weight, a 20-inch-long large diameter grip and a more upright lie angle of 72 degrees compared to the standard 70 degrees found on the regular Cleveland Classics putters. In other words, it’s specifically designed for the belly style of putting.

According to Cleveland Golf, “The versatile ‘Almost Belly’ can perform like either a traditional-length putter or a belly depending on feel and preference.” Word is that three additional longer lengths of 41, 43 and 45 inches will also be available. Look for the Cleveland belly putters to hit the market in mid October.

Considering that most belly-specific putters cost well north of $150, Cleveland Golf appears poised to hit a serious sweet spot in the rapidly growing belly putter market.

P.S. Stay tuned for PutterZone.com’s Cleveland Almost Belly putter review.


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  1. That is awesome. Was planning on building the Classic #1 into a belly but i will just have to wait now. Any idea on release date?

  2. I believe it'll be available within the next few weeks, but will double check.

  3. I'm told that it will be three to four weeks from today.

  4. Any idea on the actual release date?

  5. I tried this putter today at a shop….I personally HATE belly putters but this putter felt comfortable in 5 minutes !!!! The feel and strategic weight distribution is neat. The head looks traditional except a bit more "thick" and most impressive is that it encourages a natural arc swing path which is a problem for many golfers.

  6. I ended up with the Classic Belly 39 inch nearly by accident when I ordered it on e-bay while waiting outcome of a Metal-x #7 which I also had a bid on. I did not expect to win the auction for the Classic so now I have two to compare. I have always used standard length but lately have a bit of back pain (I am 6 ft 1), and thought the longer length and heavier head might help The jury’s still out, but at first look, I like the feel. Mishits (intentional) off the heel are absolutely not noticeable and in my case I seem to have more accuacy when hitting off the heel (with shaft centered over the ball instead of the alignment mark . Intentional mshits off the toe are another matter and you immediately can feel it . I do not anchor the putter or use my forearm for a brace. SBST with a shoulder rock, fairly long stroke and follow through.

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