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The Fringe: Invisibrush Golf Towel Review

Let’s face it, we’re a little overloaded on the golf course these days, sometimes by choice, sometimes by necessity.
You’ve got your SkyCaddie on one hip to keep your shots on line, and your smartphone on the other to keep the boss at bay. Your pockets are loaded with tees, divot tools, ball markers and various credit, debit and membership cards. Your golf bag is bursting with peanuts, beer, receipts, balls and who-knows-what.
And now you need a brush, because the grooves on your irons are gummed up. But the last thing you wanted before starting your round was another contraption—a brush—bogging you down, so now you’re buffing your irons with your bag towel, which wipes the clubface but compacts the debris into the grooves. And now you’re fishing around in your pocket for a tee to clean each groove, one by one, as your compadres wait impatiently for you to take your shot.
So what if there was a quick solution? What if your towel were also…a brush? What if your towel could clean and scour your clubs? Well, folks, your “what ifs” have been answered. Welcome to the rulefourteen Invisibrush golf towel by Rule Golf.

Under The Hood
Rule Golf is a small independent company “dedicated to creating innovative golf tools that focus your game.” According to Rule Golf, “The rulefourteen Invisibrush Golf Towel is a revolutionary, all-in-one hybrid towel that cleans clubs, grips and balls better than a brush or towel alone! It features an innovative, patent pending, dual-grain construction with an absorbent microfiber face and a coarse scrubber backing for clean clubs and crisp shots.”
-All-in-one: Dual-grain, hybrid towel and brush construction saves time and money.
-Microfiber face: Absorbent microfiber face to clean clubs, grips and balls.
-Coarse scrubber backing: Brush-like backing cleans deep into your grooves.
-Two sizes to fit your game: Players (20″ x 40″) and Bag (14″x 28″).
-Made in the USA.
Why It Rocks
Rule Golf’s proprietor and inventor, Joe Borgenicht, is becoming the “Why didn’t I think of that?” guy of golf. How cool is it to combine a scrubber surface with a towel, lightening your load while simplifying your golf life?
Yes, we’ve seen those brush accessories that can be pinned to your golf towel, but they are weighty and unwieldy. With the Invisibrush, the towel is your brush.
The Invisibrush is simple, effective and inventive. Need to quickly wipe mud or grass from the club face? Use the towel side. Need a deeper treatment that will get into the grooves? Use the brush side.
The brush side is abrasive yet soft, and doesn’t scratch or mark your clubs. It’s actually more like a rough scouring pad than a brush with bristles. Regardless, it does the job. The efficacy of the scrubbing is enhanced if you moisten a corner of it with water (or, if you’re feeling old school, a little Pabst Blue Ribbon).
Our only quibble is that we wish the larger Players model came with a slit or loop to better secure it to your clubs. The Bag model, however, clips right on your bag. If you’re a heavy-duty towel user, then you will want to opt for the Players version. For most of us, however, the Bag version will provide more than enough coverage for a round of golf.
The Final Word
The Invisibrush Golf Towel is a sweet solution for cleaning your clubs, clearing your grooves and simplifying your golf life.
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  1. I put my wire brush back in my bag and haven't used it since I got mine. This thing is awesome!

  2. Great review. I want to goget one right now! Very Cool

  3. i’m not all the impressed with it. i think the spotless swing towel is much better.

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