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The Fringe: PING Anser Forged Wedge Review

Now that we have all exhausted our collective angst about the new USGA groove rules on wedges, it’s time to move on and embrace the new crop of conforming wedges that have emerged in 2011.
Among these is the PING Forged Anser Wedge, which is the natural extension of PING’s Anser irons and putters, and the latest entry into the company’s expanding universe of all things “Anser.”
Under The Hood

According to the company, “PING designs wedges to provide versatility and stroke-saving performance for golfers of all abilities. From full shots to delicate chips and pitches around the green, every PING wedge is engineered to ensure reliability from any lie. Feel and forgiveness are engineered into every head, every groove, and every sole.”
-Forged from soft 8620 steel
-Thicker hitting area and hour-glass-shaped reinforced back cavity provide solid feel and feedback.
-Machined face and grooves ensure maximum spin and control.
-A high-density tungsten toe weight is balanced by a longer hosel to optimize the CG position for penetrating, high-spin trajectories
-Sole tapers narrower from toe to heel for exceptional performance from tight lies and bunkers
-Thicker face in the impact area, with stabilizing bar that brings consistency to your shot making
-Loft/Bounce: 50.12 • 52.12 • 54.12 • 56.12 • 58.10 • 60.10-True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner shaft

Why It Rocks
We almost made this a one-word review: “Thwump.” Because that’s exactly what this wedge delivers: a rich, thick “thwump” at impact that is both super sweet and rock solid.
Simply put, the sensation off the face of the PING Anser Forged wedge is sensational. It seems that every club these days makes claims to superior feel. But this one really walks the talk, striking a deep bass note in the hands and ears. Thwump, baby!
This wedge also seems to exhibit a fine sense of overall control and balance. The elevated MOI from the tungsten sole weight and perimeter weighting, combined with the versatility afforded by the tapered sole, bring almost a forgiving game-improvement quality to this tour-worthy wedge.
Like PING’s latest Anser putters, the Anser Forged Wedges boast a modern and almost futuristic aesthetic edge. These wedges are on the pricey side, but they are also packed with meaningful features.
We’re no wedge wizards here at PutterZone.com, just average recreational golfers. In other words, we’re no strangers to skulling the ball or hitting it fat. So we’re always looking for that extra edge of confidence, and that’s something we get from the PING Anser Forged wedge.
And since confidence tends to elevate performance, the advantage of this wedge can actually exceed the sum of its impressive technological parts.
The Bottom Line
Thwump! The PING Anser Forged Wedges offer the total package, from looks to feel to performance.
About The Fringe
The Fringe is where PutterZone.com roams “beyond the green” in search of golf’s hottest new gear. This occasional series is reserved for products that truly earn the spotlight by demonstrating superior quality and ingenuity.

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