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Get Fit for Your Belly Putter

SeeMore Belly PutterBelly putters are growing wings and flying off the shelves these days. Cleveland Golf and TaylorMade are tripling their sales forecasts for belly putters. The SeeMore Putter company told PutterZone.com that “we can hardly keep them in stock.”

It’s just another example of how the tour tail wags the retail dog.
Indeed, it’s a very human impulse to imitate what we see as elite and successful, and to want to use the same putter on Monday that just won a PGA Tour event on Sunday. And right now, the belly putter is the hottest thing on tour.
As with any putter, however, you will want to be vigilant about finding the proper fit to maximize your putting potential. And a major fitting component with belly putters is putter length. Whereas traditional putters typically come in lengths of 33 to 35 inches, belly putters come in a general range of 40 to 45 inches.
On that note, SeeMore has posted a helpful video (featured below) showing you an easy way to calibrate your best belly putter length. The steps are: (1) stick a yardstick in your back pocket, grab your traditional putter and get in your regular putting posture; (2) raise the butt end of the putter grip to your stomach, right to where you plan to anchor your belly putter (typically just above or below the navel); and (3) holding the putter with one hand, grab the yardstick and measure the distance between the floor and the sole of the putter.
So, if you started with a 35-inch putter, and now there’s nine inches between the floor and the sole of the putter, you would be wise to order a 44-inch belly putter (35 inches plus nine inches).
SeeMore offers belly putters in both its mSeries and Si Series putter lines. The SeeMore belly putter is the natural extension of SeeMore’s RifleScope Technology (RST) alignment system that helps the golfer set up in a more consistent, neutral position. Kyle Reifers used a SeeMore belly putter to cash the largest first-place check to date on the Nationwide Tour in 2011.
P.S. Check out PutterZone.com’s putter fitting guide Putter Perfection for a crash course in putter fitting essentials.

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