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The Greenside: Bellies, Drone, Sydney and More

The latest episode of The Greenside radio show is now airing via The Hacker’s Paradise and iTunes. Co-hosted by Josh of The Hacker’s Paradise and Sean of PutterZone.com, The Greenside focuses on the short game with an emphasis on putting.

The latest episode delves into the belly putter phenomenon, which began on tour this past summer, and which is now making serious waves in the retail market with the Cleveland Classic “Almost Belly” and other new belly putter offerings.

Two high-MOI mallets also take center stage: the PING Sydney and Nike Drone, which exhibit some similarities, as well as some marked differences. Lastly, a discussion about Michael Breed’s new book, The 3-Degree Putting Solution, concludes the show.

Please have a listen and let us know what you think.

About Sean Weir

Sean Weir is the founder and editor of PutterZone.com, and the author of Putter Perfection, the definitive guide to putter fitting. Profile: Google+

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