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Insider Interview: Bettinardi Putters

Five years ago, famed putter designer Robert Bettinardi generously accepted our invitation to become the inaugural interviewee for PutterZone.com’s Insider Interview series. Ever since, we’ve always looked forward to catching up with him to learn about what’s new and what’s next at Bettinardi Golf.

Heading into the new year, Bettinardi has teed up a suite of BB Series and Studio Stock models for 2012. He has also been active on the accessories front, recently releasing a new line of licensed NFL and MLB putter covers.

Another exciting addition to the Bettinardi putter portfolio is the Queen B Series, starting with the Queen B1 and Queen B2 (pictured here) putters for 2012. The Queen B putters are precision milled in the U.S.A. from soft carbon steel and boast a striking cashmere bronze finish.

We recently caught up with Bettinardi to learn more about the Queen B and other new putters for 2012. Following is our exclusive interview:

With the new 2012 BB Series and Studio Stock Series putters, what was your vision for building upon the 2011 models?

Very simply, to make the line look extremely elegant and perform just as well. And I will tell you that the response has been over whelming.

Several new models in the BB and Studio Stock series feature widened flanges, such as the “boxcar” look of the BB35 and the wide body of the SS9. What performance advantages can some players gain from going wider?

A wider body gives you the impression of more mass behind the ball. It’s a very sturdy look and it produces results. I use the BB35 right now.

What was the inspiration behind the Queen B series—including the name—and what makes the Queen B putters special?

The Queen B putter was inspired by my wife Ann. She has told me for years that there needs to be a ladies line strictly for the ladies….no pink grip added onto a man’s putter, no chartreuse lettering, etc. So we have a true ladies putter now. The funny thing is that we sell about 50 percent of them to men.

Can you explain the Honeycomb face technology found on your putters, and what benefits it provides? Some folks may wonder how a textured face is used to achieve the flattest surface possible.

Honeycomb facing is my way of making the face flatter than a normal fly mill finish. When a machine fly mills across the face it produces extreme heat. This heat leaves a concave area in the center of the putter face from toe to heel. You cannot see it with the naked eye but it is there. I personally would rather have a textured surface that I know is flat across.

What’s next from Bettinardi Golf?

We intend to continue to make the best.

Thanks, Robert! Stay tuned for PutterZone.com’s Bettinardi Queen B putter review.

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  1. Great interview! Can't wait for the Queen B review.

  2. Thanks, it should be up fairly soon!

  3. Just received a BB-1f custom fit at the studio. Having had four Scotty's previously I can honestly say this is the best feeling and performing putter I have ever used.

  4. Great to hear! Nothing like a great fit, especially when it's of the caliber of a Bettinardi.

  5. How much is it?

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