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The Fringe: SCOR Wedge Review

The wedge is the spiritual sibling of the putter.

Like the putter, the wedge is often a thing of visual beauty. Like the putter, the wedge spurns the machismo of the driver and other long clubs, favoring finesse over power, and ever focused on the art of scoring.

Nevertheless, the wedge is often an afterthought in the bag of the average golfer, treated more as a necessity than an opportunity: “Gotta have a sand wedge, right? My set came with a pitching wedge, so I got one of those, too. And I saw Lefty hit an amazing flop shot with a 64-degree wedge, so I grabbed one of those—even though I can’t really hit it. But hey, look at my $400 driver, watch me grip it and rip it!”

Which brings us to SCORGOLF’s comprehensive suite of customizable 4161 wedges dedicated to raising your “short game intelligence.” Now you have no excuse to tread the course like a Neanderthal, beating balls down the fairway but scratching your head as you near the hole. Now is the time to improve your short-game IQ with a more strategic approach to populating your bag.

Under The Hood

“What do you think you’d shoot if you were better inside 120-140 yards? Very simply, if you want to shoot lower scores…you need a better short game. So, at SCORGOLF, we are declaring war on the short game. We’ve started by introducing the most revolutionary re-design of scoring clubs ever. And we’re complementing that with the most advanced short game fitting system anywhere. The result is the most comprehensive package of innovative technology ever developed for your short range performance.”

-Patented V-SOLE combines high and low bounce qualities to match different lies
-Progressive weighting for precise trajectory and enhanced distance control

-Proprietary short game-specific shafts for feel and control

-Available lofts of 41 to 61 degrees, covering a full range from short irons to lob wedges

-Custom built and made to order
-Starting at $149 for one club, $399 for a matched set of three clubs

Why It Rocks

Simply put, SCORGOLF enables you to step into the virtual tour van and take firmer control of your short game. The array of fitting options is stunning. At the point of purchase, you can choose your shaft type and flex, as well as length, lie and grip size. Lofts can be dialed into one-degree increments from 41 to 61 degrees, and the clubs accordingly feature progressive weighting and design. SCORGOLF also offers an online fitting platform to help guide your selections.

In other words, from the comfort of your own home, you can easily build your own custom wedge set to become a true sniper around the green.

In terms of core features, the V-SOLE technology is our favorite aspect of the 4161 wedge, with its benefits being as much psychological as mechanical. A traditional wedge with high bounce favors a fluffy lie, while a wedge with low bounce is better for tight lies. But what if you need the distance of a particular wedge, but that wedge’s bounce is at odds with the lie of your ball? If you’re like us, you often psyche yourself out worrying about it, surrounding your short game with a state of uncertainty.

The V-SOLE takes the guesswork out of it. You no longer have to worry about your bounce angle, because it’s the one thing you don’t get to choose when selecting your 4161 wedges. With the V-SOLE, the main part of the sole features what would be considered a low bounce, but the leading quarter of the sole features a high bounce. In other words, these wedges combine high and low bounce into each club. We found this feature to instill confidence, which was enhanced by the fact that the V-SOLE did, indeed, prove to be very versatile across a range of lies.

We could go on and on about these clubs, but that’s not how we roll at The Fringe, where brevity is considered a virtue. Nevertheless, we can’t wrap it up without a few quick words about the aesthetics of the 4161 wedges. They simply exude elegance, with a stylish minimalism on the graphical front. The overall package presentation of the 4161 wedges is impressive, too. They come snugly tucked into a specialized box with slim Velcro head covers; a bag tag with spots to note your established yardages with each club; and an owner’s information packet that reminds of you of the specifications of each club in your set. Well played, SCORGOLF.

The Bottom Line

SCORGOLF’s 4161 wedges offer a remarkable range of fitting options combined with innovative technological features, making them an excellent choice for golfers who want to raise their scoring game.

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