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MxV1 Putter Promises True Roll

One of the more intriguing putters to debut in 2012 is the MxV1 putter by MXV Golf.

According to creator Brian Wittman, “The MxV1 is a precision engineered, unique round-faced heavyweight putter featuring Center Strike Technology. The MxV1 putter offers true roll, no backspin with increased accuracy…The face is the exact diameter of a golf ball. It is tubular in shape with regulation grooves designed to deliver a confident, direct strike with no backspin anywhere on its surface.”

As Wittman explained in an earlier interview on PutterZone.com, the concept was inspired by “Newton’s Cradle,” a popular desk toy that demonstrates conservation of momentum and energy via a series of swinging spheres.

The MxV1 putter features a 400-gram milled brass head with a black finish. It will be available in both center and offset shaft configurations. Pre-ordering has concluded, but you can expect the MxV1 putter to be available by March.

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  1. I believe this putter infringes on 2 maybe 3 U.S. Patents.

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