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Odyssey ProType Putters for 2012

What will be the best putter of 2012? That’s a question that will always up for interpretation and debate.

But at the upcoming annual PGA Merchandise Show on January 26-28 in Orlando, the golf world will certainly get a vivid sense of where the putter market is headed this year.

Of course, not everyone can make it to Florida, so PutterZone.com is giving you an advance taste of the show, featuring new putters for 2012 over the next several days, starting with the new Odyssey ProType #2 putter, which belongs to Odyssey’s new ProType Tour Series.

In the words of Odyssey: “Our design team has taken the feedback from many Tour pros and developed putters that enhance feel and offer a great look and performance.”

The ProType #2 is a classic heel-toe weighted blade milled from 1025 carbon steel. According to Odyssey, the carbon steel produces similar performance characteristics to stainless steel with a softer feel.

The ProType #2 putter also features a “deeper, sharper milling pattern on the putter face that increases interaction between the face and the ball for better feel, truer roll and more consistency.”

A cool twist is that “golfers will have the opportunity to truly personalize their putter, selecting among six different colors for their grips and putter head paint fill.”

The ProType Tour Series features six models total. The cost of the ProType Tour Series putters is $269, or $299 for the ProType 2-Ball model. Look for them to be available starting February 17.

Another line of putters to look for in 2012 is the Odyssey Metal-X putter series, which feature dual-layered insert with an “aluminum striking layer” for crisp feedback. Stay tuned at PutterZone.com for our Odyssey Metal-X putter review and Odyssey ProType putter review.

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  1. Do you know if this is nickel plated? They look good.

  2. I'm not sure, will try to find out. I presume it's nickel or similar plating, given that it's carbon steel, and presumably plated to be generally maintenance free.

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