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SeeMore m1 Belly Putter Review

SeeMore m1 Belly Putter

As we turn the corner into a new year, belly putter mania shows no signs of abating. Indeed, many golfers remain anxious to bag a belly, inspired by the remarkable success of the belly putter in the later half of the PGA Tour’s most recent season.

Among the major players in the surging belly putter market is the SeeMore Putter Company, led by the m1 ($350), a signature SeeMore model that could be considered the crown jewel of the company’s belly putter portfolio.

Does the original SeeMore m1 get lost in translation to the belly putter format, or is it a smooth transition? Following is PutterZone.com’s SeeMore m1 belly putter review.

The Storyline
Since its relaunch five years ago, the SeeMore Putter Company has been at the forefront of offering personal fitting options, so it’s no surprise that they would now be among those leading the charge to offer an impressive range of belly putters. In fact, SeeMore now offers more than 20 of its original models in a belly putter format.

However, it’s worth noting that SeeMore hasn’t just jammed a long shaft onto its existing putter heads. All of the belly putter heads have been retooled with added weight to fit the needs of the belly-style stroke, and the longer shafts are fitted with the requisite long grips.

The m1 belongs to the SeeMore mSeries. The mSeries putters are 100-percent milled in the U.S.A., and the SeeMore m1 putter is crafted from 303 stainless steel. As with all SeeMore putters, the m1 features the company’s signature RifleScope alignment system. A red dot on the rear crown of the putter is visually hidden by a blackened lower shaft when proper setup is achieved. Two parallel white lines frame the shaft to provide a further indication that the golfer is in position to make a consistent and reliable stroke.

The m1 belly putter weighs 380 grams, and the loft is 2.5 degrees. It can be ordered from SeeMore in a wide variety of custom lengths (38 to 47 inches) and lie angles (66 to 74 degrees). You also get your choice of one of nine head covers. The m1 has a mid-range toe hang with a straight shaft that enters the head just behind the center line.

The View from PutterZone.com
You know that a putter design is a winner when it perseveres for five years in today’s hyperactive golf equipment market. Indeed, the m1 is the design that drove the re-boot of the SeeMore brand in 2007, and it continues to be a centerpiece of the SeeMore mSeries.

I’ve always loved the m1 putter that I reviewed nearly years ago, so it’s hard not to be enthusiastic about the belly putter version right out of the box. The quality of the workmanship and the suppleness of the feel are both top notch. In other words, with the belly putter version of the m1, the story remains largely the same.

That said, there are some added things that the m1 belly putter brings to the table. As noted in a recent piece on PutterZone.com, the belly-style stroke tends to generate an arcing path, as opposed to straight back and straight through—a tendency that perfectly fits both the balance of the m1 as well as SeeMore’s RifleScope alignment system.

Indeed, the m1’s toe hang favors an arcing stroke. Similarly, by visually hiding the red dot at setup and throughout the arc of your stroke, you maintain a visual cue for consistency in both your address position and putter path. The result is a putter that uniquely serves the inherent attributes of the belly style stroke.

The m1 belly putter serves another rule of thumb in the world of belly putters—heavier head weight. The 380-gram head is 45 grams heavier than the original iteration of the m1 putter. This added weight brings stability to the belly style stroke, as the anchoring of the shaft to the body can make a lighter head feel unstable.

The SeeMore m1 belly putter is also an aesthetic winner. Let’s face it, a lot of commercial belly putters aren’t exactly things of beauty. The extension of the shaft, along with the extra-long grip, can turn a charming traditional putter into something that, while it may be effective, isn’t terribly attractive.

The m1 belly putter, however, manages to look quite graceful. SeeMore smartly went with a simple black on the grip accented only by a silver brand lettering that matches the color of the head. The blackened lower shaft of the RST system also provides a nice visual counterpoint to the long black grip. The m1 head, which can look slightly oversized at a traditional length, looks perfectly proportioned to the longer and larger belly format.

Lastly, as a putter fitting fanatic, I must applaud SeeMore’s commitment to offering a wide range of fitting options at the point of purchase. The right fit is crucial for golfers who are embarking on their first belly putter experience. With the m1, you can choose your length down to the half inch and dial in your lie angle at no extra charge, enabling you to establish a proper fit right out of the gates.

The Bottom Line
The SeeMore m1 putter is a proven winner that translates seamlessly to the belly putter format, blending old advantages with fresh tweaks to create a formidable flatstick. From looks to performance, the SeeMore m1 has to be considered one of the finest belly putters on the market.

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