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TopSpin Putter Gets in Gear

TopSpin Putter

The TopSpin Putter is the latest entry in our ongoing preview of the 2012 PGA Merchandise show, promising to add a unique twist to the proceedings.

According to the company, “The TopSpin Putter is designed to get the ball rolling immediately.

The putter face is curved at top and bottom, with a flat, grooved area in the center. Its curved upper section produces a gear effect, and the ball starts rolling immediately without any skidding, backspinning, or hopping. This is important because rolling balls create self-rotating energy and are less affected by grass.”

In other words, the TopSpin Putter is a departure from traditional putters, which feature a flat, lofted face that is designed to lift the ball out of the natural depression in the green in order to achieve forward roll. The pursuit of truer, quicker forward roll has long been a driving force in putter technology, and the TopSpin folks are among the latest to propose a solution.

The TopSpin Putter is endorsed by Jack Kuykendall, a Golf Magazine Top 100 teacher and a professor of math and physics. The cost is $220, and it comes in a blade and mallet version. The putter is available now.

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