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Bettinardi Queen B Putter Review

Bettinardi Queen B Putter Review


Long renowned for his BB Series and Studio Stock putters, putter designer Robert Bettinardi has added a new twist to his portfolio: The Queen B putter.

While technically a ladies’ putter, the Queen B claims to be universally appealing. The Queen B ($375) is available in two models: the Queen B Model I mid mallet and Queen B Model II heel-toe weighted blade.

Is Bettinardi going too far out on a limb with the Queen B putter, or does he have a new hit on his hands? Following is PutterZone.com’s Queen B putter review, specifically the Queen B Model II.

The Storyline
According to Robert Bettinardi, the Queen B putter was inspired by his wife, Ann: “She has told me for years that there needs to be a ladies line strictly for the ladies….no pink grip added onto a man’s putter, no chartreuse lettering, etc. So we have a true ladies putter now. The funny thing is that we sell about 50 percent of them to men.”

The Queen B putters are milled in the U.S.A. from soft carbon steel, and they boast a distinctive “cashmere bronze” PVD finish. They also feature Bettinardi’s signature “honeycomb” face, with a repeating honeycomb pattern milled across the surface. This textured surface is designed to create the flattest possible contact area.

According to Bettinardi, “Honeycomb facing is my way of making the face flatter than a normal fly mill finish. When a machine fly mills across the face it produces extreme heat. This heat leaves a concave area in the center of the putter face from toe to heel. You cannot see it with the naked eye but it is there. I personally would rather have a textured surface that I know is flat across.”

The head weight of the Queen B II golf putter is 360 grams. The standard loft is three degrees, and the standard lie angle is 71 degrees, but both are customizable at the point of purchase. The balance is 3/4 toe hang.

The View from PutterZone.com
I’m not going to get too caught up in this whole gender discussion when it comes to golf equipment.

I can see where some women might find the whole “ladies” golf aesthetic a bit patronizing. At the same time, there are legitimate reasons for targeting specific gender and demographics with your products. After all, that’s what makes the marketing world go ‘round, right?

The Queen B walks this fine line perfectly. It’s elegant yet bold, thoughtful yet confident. It may very well be the world’s first “metrosexual” putter.

The “cashmere bronze” finish of the Queen B is striking—it’s what I might call “coppery champagne,” leaning a bit more toward champagne than the accompanying photos might suggest. It’s a uniquely stunning look that stands out from the crowd.

While the Queen B’s head is crafted from carbon steel, the feel of the putter isn’t what I would call soft or buttery. There’s a real crispness upon contact, with a nice click in the audio department. But there’s depth and smoothness in the sweet spot, too.

The wide flange on the Queen B Model II will be a welcome sight to many golfers. The putter still has a traditional Anser-style shaping, but the wider flange adds some girth, which can help introduce a dash of extra confidence when standing over a putt. The span of the face from heel to toe is also slightly shorter than you typically find with heel-toe weighted blades, and the topline is on the thicker side. Yet the putter still manages to look svelte as opposed to stubby. Before buying, you just need to know that the look is a little boxier than the typical heel-toe weighted blade.

With the Queen B’s added girth comes a little extra weight. At 360 grams, the head of the Queen B is a full 10 to 15 grams heavier than most putters. To some, this might feel a bit too weighty, but others will find it helpful for smoothing out their stroke.

The paintfill on the face of my Queen B could be a bit sharper. The bee logo is really stylish on the headcover, grip and sole of the putter, but when rendered in a smaller size on the face, the details become a bit blurred and blobby. I’d like to see that remedied on future editions.

The Queen B headcover is awesome, with the bee logo embroidered in bronze brown in contrast with a light gold material. The interior is plush, and the slip-on action is very smooth and secure.

Lastly, in addition to offering a potential performance benefit, Bettinardi’s signature honeycomb face pattern looks particularly righteous on the Queen B putter, and not just because it ties in so perfectly to the whole “bee” theme. When the light catches the face just right with this cashmere bronze finish, the honeycombs almost look like little jewels. The honeycombs are also smartly repeated on the rear bumpers of the head, adding just the right touch of flourish.

At $375, the Queen B putter may empty your wallet, but such is the price of quality and luxury, and I think that most folks will find it worth the splurge.

The Bottom Line
The Bettinardi Queen B putter is a standout in both style and substance, boasting a strikingly distinctive finish while delivering beautiful feel and fine performance. The Queen B may have originally been conceived as a women’s putter, but it is also fit for a man. 

About Sean Weir

Sean Weir is the founder and editor of PutterZone.com, and the author of Putter Perfection, the definitive guide to putter fitting. Profile: Google+


  1. i live in oyster bay n.y. 11771 // where can i demo this putter and others in your line…………..thank you

  2. Tried one out at Golfsmith, and traded my Golo5 for the Queen Bee 6.
    The feel, looks and sound at point of contact is assuring. Just an awesome feel of a putter.
    And yes I agree, I’m all for metrosexual putters as Ann had a dream and Robert helped create this beauty.
    Good job Mr. And Mrs. Bettinardi!

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