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The Fringe: Sunice Tornado Jacket Review

The attire requirements of golf are unique and often confounding, particularly in the winter and spring.
Indeed, while you want to protect yourself from hostile outdoor elements such as wind, rain or cold, you need to do it in a way that doesn’t interfere with your range of motion or the small motor actions of the putting stroke. And, of course, you want to look sharp, too.
So now that you’ve ruled out 99.9 percent of the jackets on planet Earth, where do you turn? To the Bollon jacket from the Sunice Tornado Collection, which offers a remarkable combination of protection, inconspicuousness and style.

Under The Hood
Inspired by the active golfer, the Tornado offers highly breathable, waterproof, stretch fabrics combined with game enhancing features. Our proprietary FlexVent fabric technology answers the call when it comes to playing golf in heavy rain or varying temperatures with its performance features and extreme comfort. With its unique soft hand feel and super quiet laminate, we believe this is the future in waterproofs.
-Four year waterproof guarantee
-High-performance ultra-breathable laminate
-Ultra quiet and soft hand feel
-Full strech jacket
-Pro-TrimTM waist cinching system
-Stretch tricot lining
-In pocket ball cleaner
-Exposed waterproof YKK zippers
-Sunice lock down zipper pullers
-Soft touch chin guard
-Laser cut pockets with twill tape
-Lycra action cuffs
-Adjustable velcro cuff tabs
-Adjustable bungee at hem
-Sunice patented v collar with neoprene finish
-New colors coming for 2012: pure white, black and midnight/real red
Why It Rocks
By the second hole, you’ll forget you’re wearing the Sunice Tornado Bollon—which is the highest praise from our perspective.
You won’t be yanking up the sleeves as you get ready to putt, because the interior Lycra stretch cuff and exterior Velcro strap keep the fabric away from your palms. You won’t feel bulky because the fabric is thin and slim fitting and resists bunching. However, you won’t feel restricted, because the design, while sleek and slim fitting, is roomy enough in all the right places. Best of all, you will feel warm and dry underneath the waterproof shell and smooth, cozy liner.
In other words, on a cold or blustery or moist day, the Sunice Tornado enables you to focus on your next shot, instead of thinking about your clothing.
Along the way, you’ll also cut a dashing figure. The Sunice Tornado Bollon just looks pro. You know when you’re watching a tournament on television, and you see those golfers who look like they’ve got access to the coolest, latest performance gear? This is that look.
The Sunice Tornado Bollon is what you might call seasonally versatile. On a cold winter day, you can wear it over turtleneck and polo combinations for layered warmth. On a breezy spring or fall day, it’ll keep you cozy over a basic golf shirt.
The tight zippering, smart cuffing, waist cinch and in-pocket ball cleaner (a small towel snapped to a strap in the pocket) are all thoughtful touches that heighten the performance and intelligence of the Sunice Tornado Bollon.
Yes, this jacket will set you back a few Benjamins, but if you can swing it, you won’t be disappointed.
The Bottom Line
The Sunice Tornado Bollon offers a phenomenal combination of comfort, style and performance.
About The Fringe
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