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PING’s Adjustable Belly Putter

PING’s Adjustable Belly Putter

PING Golf continues to advance the putter fitting cause with its new USGA-approved adjustable belly putter shaft, available on the new PING Nome 405 putter.

The putter can be adjusted from lengths ranging from 37.5 inches to 46.5 inches, allowing the golfer to self-adjust the putter for a better fit. This adjustable option should prove to be a boon to golfers who want to try a belly putter, but who are unsure of what length will work best for them.

One thing that’s been sorely overlooked amid the current belly putter craze is the fact that there’s a considerable learning curve when switching from a traditional putter to a belly putter. The opportunity to tweak the fit after purchasing and initially practicing with a belly putter is therefore quite helpful.

The PING Nome belly putter length is easily changed with an included tool, which loosens a locking ring beneath the grip for telescopic adjustment.

You may recall that Hunter Mahan used a PING Nome traditional length putter to win the recent Accenture Match Play tournament. Both the Nome traditional and belly putter models are also available with three different shaft bends that change the balance of the putter to fit a straight, slight arc or strong arc putting stroke. Golfers can determine their optimal putter balance configuration by using the iPING app for the iPhone.

At PutterZone.com, we are big proponents of putter fitting (check out our putter fitting guide, Putter Perfection), so we can only give kudos to PING for once again giving average golfers a practical option for improving their fit for better results on the green.

The cost of the PING Nome adjustable belly putter is $320. Look for it to be available on May 1.

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Sean Weir is the founder and editor of PutterZone.com, and the author of Putter Perfection, the definitive guide to putter fitting. Profile: Google+

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  1. Fit is crucial in a belly putter. I used an old Ping putter fitting device to figure out a length that would work for me. In order to test this fit out, I had an old putter with adjustable lie lengthened into a belly. I liked it. I found zero belly putters on the shelf that fit my spec until I discovered the Cleveland Almost Belly putter. This Ping putter will help lots of folks, but a price of $320 is pretty outrageous.

  2. I have an adjustable putter insert that can be installed in any belly or long putter. This is reasonably priced and ships now. Golfweek ran an article on my company and product in the March 16th issue. I would hope you would be interested in sharing this with your readers.

    Thanks for your time
    Don Murray

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