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Get Hip to Your Putter Grip

Get Hip to Your Putter Grip

Are you hip to your putter grip? If not, it’s time to get re-acquainted with the piece of equipment that you handle more than any other during a round of golf.

Grip manufacturer Golf Pride says it best: “Putter grips are the most touched, most used, and most overlooked piece of equipment in the bag. Because putter grips are used once, twice, and unfortunately sometimes three or four times per green, they deserve far more attention and care than they typically get.”

Why don’t putter grips get the attention the deserve? Because most recreational golfers typically let the manufacturer of their putter determine the size and style of their grip, without giving any thought to alternative possibilities. For example, the Nike Method putter comes with a regular-sized Golf Pride paddle grip, while the PING Nome putter comes with a mid-size Winn pistol grip. Yet no grip is the perfect fit for all golfers.

Golfers who prefer a thinner grip say that it maintains a better sense of feel and touch. Those who choose a fatter grip say that it quiets the small muscles and helps prevent wrist breakdown in the stroke. Of course, hand size also plays a role in what a golfer considers thin or fat in a putter grip.

Other factors in finding the right “grip fit” include tactile qualities (such as hard or soft, tacky or smooth), shaping (rounded or cornered, straight or pistol) and total grip weight, which can alter the swingweight of the putter. There is no “one size or type fits all” when it comes to putter grips. But there is a right grip for you. If you have an ill-fitting putter grip, it can create tension or discomfort in the hands, and it can cause wrist breakdown or loss of feel. None of these outcomes are good for your putting performance.

The good news is that there are numerous affordable aftermarket grips available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and a qualified retailer or club fitter can easily change your putter grip for a nominal cost. Golf Pride, Lamkin, Winn and Iomic are among the manufacturers that offer a range of grip options.

In other words, getting hip to your grip is not expensive or complicated. It’s just a matter of taking an active interest in your own putter fitting equation, and taking the simple steps to finding the right grip for your game.

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