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The Fringe: Criquet Golf Shirt Review

The Fringe: Criquet Golf Shirt Review

In recent years we’ve entered a new era of high-performance golf attire, including shirts that promise to enhance playability and comfort via all sorts of “technological” materials.

But at the end of your round, your definition of “performance” may change. Perhaps you need to make a smooth transition from the 18th green to the 19th hole. Maybe you need to hold court at the bar, buy a round of cocktails and perhaps even impress a few ladies (or men) along the way.

And for excelling at that kind of performance, the “high-tech” golf shirt—in all its polyester glory—typically falls short.

Enter the Players Shirt, an organic cotton masterpiece by Criquet Organic that offers a fresh take on sartorial golf splendor. Now you’re ready to play well—off the course as well as on.

Under The Hood
Country club tested, farmers market approved. From low-handicappers to hackers, shankers to bankers, drifters to guitar pickers, the Players Shirt improves all games. Certified organic cotton. Subtle detail. Vintage-preppy vibe. Built to be inherited. The quest for the perfect polo ends here.

-Available for men and women
-100% Certified Organic Jersey Cotton
-American made
-Not too heavy, not too thin
-4 button placket
-Removable recycled collar stays
-Double needle top stitch back yoke
-Chest flap pocket with secret pen stash
-Retail: $75

Why It Rocks

Sometimes you want to wear something hip, but not overly hipster, if you know what we mean—and we know you do. And the Players Shirt fits the bill perfectly. It looks cool without trying to look too cool.

The texture of the organic cotton is nothing short of magnificent—it’s breezy and smooth and oozes quality. The collar is exquisitely cut, and the recycled collar stays are evidence of the obvious thoughtfulness that went into the design and construction of the shirt. Even the little font on the shirt tag looks stylishly chosen.

If it sounds like we’re being overly effusive about this shirt, well, tough. Go to your local pro shop and look around at all the generic mass-produced imported polyester logowear that sells for $75. Now compare those shirts to the Players Shirt. It’s like comparing a Swisher Sweet to a fine Cuban cigar…at the same price. So yeah, we’re impressed.

Don’t get us wrong—this organic all-cotton shirt is plenty suited to the game of golf. High-quality cotton never fails to excel in matters of breathability and comfort.

But the Players Shirt particularly shines when your day on the course ends and the game of life begins.

The Bottom Line
From the first tee to the tapas bar, the Players Shirt offers a rare blend of style, versatility and performance.

About The Fringe 
The Fringe is where PutterZone.com roams “beyond the green” in search of golf’s hottest new gear. This occasional series is reserved for products that truly earn the spotlight by demonstrating superior quality and ingenuity.

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  1. “But the Players Shirt particularly shines when your day on the course ends and the game of life begins.” Great line. Couldn’t be more true.

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