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iPerfectPutt App Promises Cutting-Edge Analysis

iPerfectPutt App Promises Cutting-Edge Analysis

We have raved about the iPING putter app as a groundbreaking tool that puts high-tech putting analysis and putter fitting tips right in the palm of your hands.

Now comes new addition to the genre, the iPerfectPutt for iPhone designed by Dr. Samuel Gaudet, a professor from the Université de Moncton’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics in Canada. The app was developed at the university’s Faculty of Science.

The iPerfectPutt app is billed as “a complete putting stroke analysis application that analyzes a golfer’s swing plane, clubface orientation, putt weight and tempo…It provides feedback to the golfer either sonically in real time or statistically, graphically or with simulations that can be played back in video form.”

The app promises several features that go beyond the iPING app. For example, “The clubface rotation angle is not only calculated at impact, but for every position of the putting stroke and you can view these results, in detail, two different ways: on a graph or watch a video simulation of your stroke. ”

According to Dr. Gaudet, the app’s mobile putting analysis utilizes sensor technology that only became available with the release of Apple’s iPhone 4 in 2010, at which time he immediately started working on this project.

A free version is available on iTunes, and added features can be purchased for $15. One thing you need to know: to use the app, you also need the iPING cradle to mount your iPod Touch or iPhone to your putter.

Based on the description and screen shots, the iPerfectPutt app looks very intriguing. We plan to check it out soon and post our iPerfectPutt app review soon.

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