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Matt Kuchar’s Putter: Rife Barbados Belly

Matt Kuchar’s Putter: Rife Barbados Belly

Matt Kuchar maintained a steady hand right to the end, winning the Player’s Championship (and a cool $1.7 million) and notching yet another victory for the belly putter.

Matt Kuchar’s putter the Rife Barbados belly putter. The Rife Barbados is a blast from the past that dates back to the earliest days of PutterZone.com, more than five years ago. It remains one of the sleekest mallet designs out there. Rife Putters fell on hard times last year. The brand was acquired by Innovex Golf, but it has been pretty quiet ever since.

With each mounting victory, the belly putter makes its case against the mounting chorus of those who want to ban it from the professional circuits. In one corner, you have Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Ernie Els and many others arguing that it has no place in golf. In the other, you have young stars like Keegan Bradley and Matt Kuchar who just keep winning with it.

And the more they win, the more entrenched it becomes in the professional game, and the less likely it will be declared illegal.

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