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The New Faces of Putting

The New Faces of Putting

More than any other club in the bag, the putter is the province of artists, craftsmen and entrepreneurs. Even if it were possible to produce the “perfect putter,” it wouldn’t be long before someone tried to make it more beautiful and more effective. Putting will always be viewed as a problem to be solved, and the quest for a better solution will never cease.

This is what makes us tick at PutterZone.com, this sense that there’s always something new and exciting just around the corner. Which is why we love hearing from independent companies who think outside the box and endeavor to deliver something different. It’s always an uphill battle to launch and sustain a putter brand, but it’s also worth remembering that some of the biggest names in the putter world got their starts in their own garages, such as PING founder Karsten Solheim and legendary putter designer T.P. Mills.

On that note, we are going to take this opportunity to showcase some of the latest independent and innovative putters to recently roll across our desk. Interestingly, each of these putters features its own form of face curvature in an effort to improve roll and accuracy.

MxV1 Putter (pictured above, $199)

The MxV1 putter by MxV Golf boasts a ball-shaped “Center Strike Technology.” According to creator Brian Wittman, “When used as designed in a steady, level pendulum motion, positioned slightly ahead of the ball, you are essentially hitting a ball with a ball and thereby striking at the ball’s center of gravity, every time. This produces a true roll with zero backspin and a straighter line to the target. Even if miss-struck, slightly off the center, you will still get a straight shot off towards the cup.”

Radi-Eye Putter ($99)

The Radi-Eye putter features a radius, or curved, face from the heel to the toe, which is said to eliminate up to 4.5 degrees of push or pull during a putt. In other words, if the face of the putter is off line at the moment of impact, the Radi-Eye putter is designed to compensate and keep the ball on line. In the words of creator Alec Lockavitch, “What makes the face of the Radi-Eye putter so unique is that the face has a radius that runs from heel to toe that forgives the user of their mistakes. The face also has no loft, which ensures that you always strike the ball at center or above. This always gives you that sought-after overspin without having to press your hands forward at address and to try to maintain that position through the putting stroke just to take the loft off of the face.”

TopSpin Putter ($219)

According to the company, “The TopSpin Putter is designed to get the ball rolling immediately. The putter face is curved at top and bottom, with a flat, grooved area in the center. Its curved upper section produces a gear effect, and the ball starts rolling immediately without any skidding, backspinning, or hopping. This is important because rolling balls create self-rotating energy and are less affected by grass.”


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