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Webb Simpson’s Putter: PING G5i Craz-E Belly

Well, we have yet another milestone and another major victory for the belly putter as Webb Simpson is your winner (survivor?) of the 112th U.S. Open.

Webb Simpson’s putter is a PING G5i Craz-E belly putter that is 44.5 inches long with 1.5 degrees of loft.

It’s hard to believe that just one year ago, the belly putter was widely dismissed as an “old man’s putter,” mostly seen in the hands of desperate veteran PGA Tour professionals seeking to steady their faltering strokes.

Yet ever since Keegan Bradley won the PGA Championship last summer with a belly putter, it has become a formidable weapon in the hands of some of the PGA Tour’s top young guns. Along the way, we’ve seen a rekindling of controversy surrounding long putters, with some of the top names in golf speaking out against them.

But with Simpson notching a second major victory for a belly putter out of the past three majors held,  the genie cannot be put back into the bottle. The belly putter is not only here to stay, but is poised to accelerate its already remarkable run on tour and in the retail market.

In terms of equipment, there is no bigger story in golf right now. What the belly putter has done in just 12 months, both in terms of tour accomplishments and retail sales, is nothing short of astonishing. In that short span, it has emerged from the margins of golf and seized center stage. It will be interesting to see where the phenomenon goes from here.


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