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Best of The Expo: DFX Sports Gyros

Best of The Expo: DFX Sports Gyros

Our coverage of the PGA Expo in Las Vegas continues today with a spotlight on unique fitness products that can help you stay in game shape.

Sean, the editor of PutterZone.com, takes it from here:

DFX Sports Fitness specializes in sports gyros—handheld devices that use gyroscopic forces to build strength and agility.

I’ve seen their gyros in sporting goods stores before, and despite being intrigued, I could never bring myself to buy one. Frankly, I found them a bit hard to believe.

So here they are at the PGA Expo, and DFX salesman David Saldana greets me and asks me if I want to try one. He’s got a good energy, he seems happy to be there, and genuinely pumped up about the product. There are more than a few people here at other booths who could take a lesson from him.

He gets one of the gyros spinning and hands it to me…Whoah! This thing is pretty intense. It wants to jump out of my hand. Then I start to get the hang of it, and David shows me different ways to use it to work out my biceps, triceps and forearms. Along the way, I feel my shoulders and lats getting a workout, too.

This thing is really cool. It’s a perfect portable solution for getting a quick workout on the go, such as when you’re staying in a hotel room in Las Vegas attending golf trade show!

DFX also a makes a Tourgrip Golf Gyro that comes with a handle, which is endorsed by long drive champion Gerry James. But I think I prefer the handheld Sports Pro gyro because it’s so small and portable.

Ultimately, I find the DFX gyros to be a legitimate solution for getting a quick workout while on the run or on the road. As such, they can be a part of the fitness arsenal the helps you stay on top of your golf game.


I also have to mention Zeta Tech, whose products are distributed by DFX Sports Fitness. Zeta Tech products are designed to relive pain and stress.

The proprietor, Jeremy Madvin, spent eight years perfecting his patented technology and getting it FDA registered. Jeremy says his products can treat arthritis, repetitive stress injury, muscular inflammation, and provide overall stress relief.

Most of the products consist of little discs and balls that are stone-like in feel and appearance, and that can be applied to the trouble spot on the body. They also make flexible compresses. According to Jeremy, the patented Zeta Tech material channels “far infrared” energy to reduce swelling and promote recovery, and is much more effective than the typical heat pack.

Are you with me? I know it sounds a bit weird. But then Jeremy does a demonstration for me. He hands me one of his discs. It feels like a cool stone. Then he places a piece of ice on it and…the ice starts to melt as if the disc was hot. But the disc isn’t hot, and it doesn’t get hot. He says it works the same way with the body, providing continuous, deep penetrating “heat” to the muscle.

I didn’t get to try the products out (they’re not something you can test in a matter of minutes). But I have to say, Jeremy’s demonstration was impressive.

Stay tuned in the days ahead for more picks for the best products from the PGA Expo, featuring everything from swing trainers to exercise equipment to new putters. These products are all made by entrepreneurs, folks who built their own businesses by themselves, not because of red tape, but in spite of it. We met one inventor who spent eight years refining and testing his product before bringing it to the market. We met a woman who created a magnificent training aid from scratch, turning a mere idea into a retail product, which is no small feat. We encountered up-and-comers in the putter world, burning rubber on interstate, their initial creations stowed in the trunk of their car. This is the spirit of golf, and it is alive and well.

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